As a Boss beware that at one stage or the other in your business, you will find yourself dealing with the following groups of people. If you don’t have wisdom to deal with them, your business is in danger.

1. *THOMAS GROUP* -They walk with you but they don’t really believe in you. Though God can use you infront of them, they are not easily moved they take time to believe in you. These people can delay your vision and they are also not aware they are also delaying themselves. It’s a struggle and a burden to lead people who don’t believe in you.

2. *JUDAS GROUP*- They walk with you but they have issues with you when God begins to bless you. They are not happy when things of great value are given to you. In short they are jealous of your success. When elevation comes they will say we are poor in the work place but the Boss is driving a BMW 5 series but we have people that are struggling financially in this workplace. They want you to drive a Toyota Tazz which will make them happy. They have serious issues if your life becomes better and better. They talk as if you don’t care about the poor. Hear these Bosses, anyone who is jealous about your prosperity in your workplace tomorrow he will betray you.

3. *ABSALOM GROUP*- You give them opportunity to teach or lead and he begins to see himself as the Boss of the workplace , he believes he can teach and lead better than you. When he leads, he leads to prove a point that he is better than you, he won’t even mention you in his conversation. He works behind you to steal the hearts of people so that people will follow him. He will make people to feel they are neglected in your workplace. He will tell people he is there for them to help them anytime they need help. This one he is in competition with you , he believes he can be a better Boss than you . Tomorrow trust me he will split your staff.

4. *KORAH GROUP*- This one will challenge your authority, he believes you are at the same level with everyone and he has issues when workers give honor to you. He will say you are honoring this man too much. He has issues when you give instructions, he is rebellious and dangerous because he sees you as someone who is at the same level with him. He believes everyone is professional and everyone is educated so what is so special about you .

5. *HAM GROUP*- This one he will expose your nakedness, the day you find yourself in a shameful act, He will tell everybody your weaknesses and he will be happy to expose your disaster .

6. *GEHAZI GROUP*-He is with you but he will be collecting money from behind your back. He takes advantage that he is close to the Boss and use that to collect things from people. He borrows money from people and he does not pay them back. He goes to people to ask for financial assistance and make people feel you are not taking good care of him as he serves in the house.

7. *DEOTREPHES GROUP*- This one is too dangerous, he is famous in the workplace , he has power and influence and has a voice amongst the people. He speaks malicious words behind your back . He is poisonous, he can come with stories that can totally destroy your image as a boss. He can come up with serious lies that cause people to leave your job. He will come with stories that you are eating company money , you are sleeping with women and you are also using sangomas to grow your work. His stories are very harmful and dangerous.

8. People that hate the truth

9. People that are lazy and wicked.

10. People that never compromise or read to take higher risk

Therefore I pray that God will give you wisdom to deal with all these kinds of spirits because, no Boss can rise to higher level of his workplace until all these spirits have been dealt with in his establishment, and if you deal with them in a canal way you can cause more damage to yourself and your job. Depend on the Holy Spirit, He will help you.