A great Nigerian Football legend Kanu Nwankwo with family celebrates wife as she finally completes her PhD Graduation.‎

Mrs Amarachi Kanu Nwankwo got married to Kanu Nwankwo at age 18. She had only SSCE certificate. Marriage didn’t stop her from dreaming and reaching her goals. Today she is her husband’s personal trainer and a Ph.D.

Some men usually made a mistake by training some ladies in school later they will complain that the lady disappointed them by getting married to whosoever she wants, I think the best thing to do is go and pay her BRIDE PRICE then train her in school to any level just as Kanu nwankw did, the same thing is applicable to a lady who will sponsor a guy in business, academics etc let him do the MARRIAGE RITES before you spend your money unless you just want to help him or her for God will bless you because givers never lacks.