About Us

Directors Profiles

TOPSTAR movies international Ltd is a Nigerian-registered limited liability company with partners of diverse professionals and business backgrounds. This ownership profile guarantees a professionally managed Topstar Project Fame “Stars ” 2020 – Movie, Music and Comedy Stars, as well as acting Academy company.

The Board of Directors of TOPSTAR movies international Ltd are made up of eminent and internationally acclaimed professionals. It is chaired by Hon. Prince. OKEKE Chinemelu Godwin Esq. and Other members:

TOPSTAR movies international Ltd partnership is open to partner with any high standard companies, philanthropist and business men and women who are interested to benefits from movies acting or other businesses.

Our company is interested to promote and project the businesses of their partners as well as advertising people’s businesses in our special websites: www.topstarmovies.com, YouTube channels and blogs if they subscribe for such advertisements.

TOPSTAR movies international Ltd (“ TOPSTAR Project Fame -Movies/ Music/Comedy competition shows ”) is Nigeria’s fastest growing movie company. Through acting, producing, marketing, distributing, innovation YouTube television technology, and social media network awareness. TOPSTAR movies enhances, and celebrate SuperStars and upcoming actors, actresses and comedians with experiences and passion in movie/music, comedy auditions, TV, competition show and comedy skits inclusion in what we call ‘Beyond talent development in the movie industry.

Our products;

We offer a full range of TopStar project Fame of hippo/Igbo Music, acting movies, comedy auditioning competition shows, movie production, distribution, marketing, talent Hunt, partnership investments, film products and actors and actresses managing services both local and international business and corporate movie acting segments.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To be a leading movie, music and comedy industry world wide, with the best people, providing unequalled actors, actresses and comedians experiences and delivering superior movie acting series’s and world class value through TOPSTAR movies, music/comedy Project Fame “Stars”

Our Mission
We will consistently, persistently exceed participation expectation as well as projecting upcoming actors,actresses, and comedians by providing value-adding solutions through professional and highly motivated people, delivering excellent movies audition through Topstar movies/comedy project fame Stars and distribution performance in all markets where we operate.

Our History

Topstar movies international Ltd began as a private limited liability company on March 12, 2013 (the company was incorporated on December 2, 2013). In January 2014, following a highly successful Private Placement partnership offer which substantially raised the Topstar movie company’s equity base, TOPSTAR movies international Ltd became a limited liability company.

Since the movie company was incorporated in December 2013, TOPSTAR movies international Ltd has challenged the market environment by introducing new movie acting and comedy audition training products, film innovative technology and setting new benchmarks through local and international Movie entertainment standards.

Today, TOPSTAR movies international Ltd is best placed to respond to changing lifestyles and is leading the movies digital transformation in response to these societal shifts. For example, TOPSTAR movies international Ltd is Africa’s leading movie company.

Overall, our people remain the key differentiating factor in providing this unique actors, actresses, musicians and comedians managing life, indoors or outdoors experience across all markets where we operate and we are fully committed to consistently attracting only the best people to maintain our competitive edge.

TOPSTAR movies, music,comedy project fame Stars has the capacity of projecting and promoting actors, actresses, musicians and comedians managing strategy, meaning it is well placed to benefit from Nigeria’s attractive fundamental macro-movie businesses trends, particularly in the movie industry markets.

The TOPSTAR movie international Ltd also has a strong Corporate acting audition training programs offering that is helping to project actors, actresses and comedians in our company which has the growth across Nigeria through supporting businesses, redefining the country’s 21st century Nollywood industry world wide.

TOPSTAR movies international Ltd has frequently been the partner of choice for leading international organisations with the most movies industry Nigeria companies, and other multi millions companies in order to deliver audition training programmes and production targeting promoting and projecting upcoming, or amateurs musicians, comedians, actors and actresses in movie industry world wide and to promote movie acting talents inclusion.