Anambra State Legislators made another frantic effort to have a public hearing on our Sickle Cell Law, We are tired of hiding Suicide cases and Continuous Burial.

3 Years ago in 2015 these men from the government quarters joined people living with Sickle Cell Disorder in a Solidarity rally when we cried out to the world on how Over 38 of our members died as a result of the inhumane treatment metted on our people and their right to life taken away, these men especially from the Health Sector, Media Sectors and State House of Assembly Showed us their numerous Sympathies publicly and Assured us justice for our Late members by Meeting the Concerned Stakeholders in the State and Repealing 2002 Sickle Cell Law to our benefit.

2 yrs later the Cries, the Anguish and the Several burials Continued in the very Eyes of our Mothers Who gave birth to Us, though some in the seat of power through the various Arms of Government but seemed not to be bordered to help us minimize the pain they brought upon us, Leaving us at the mercy of the men who have been trying their best to set us Free but are also Currently busy with their re-election Campaign.

Oh God! it’s on record that when the male Legislators made another frantic effort to have a public hearing on our Sickle Cell Law, Again to our Amazement our female Legislators were no where to be found because either they were Obviously ashamed of us, or they are playing Politics with our Painful Ordeals or They were out to Sabotage the Bill Since there is no Mothers who can boldly go and appeal to the Executive on the severity of the conditions of those Living with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Oh God please look upon our Cries this Lenten Period, since you died for the Salvation of mankind, we have also Continued to Painfully die for the sake of our parents without any assurance of salvation Yet Our mothers are very ashamed to speak for us, the Government through the Ministry of health unfortunately play Media Politics with our situation while the Society at Large Rob us our rights and treat us as helpless Beggars over our supposed right.

Heavenly Father we have been begging our fellow human beings whom you created like us to have mercy on us and grant us peace of mind for 3 yrs of Penance and Patience, 3 yrs of Slavery, 3 yrs Pain, Sorrow and Anguish and 3 yrs of promoting good Governance even when we are the Sacrificial Lamb, yet we are told to remain in the furnace of hell until it is convenient for them to look into our case Again perhaps during another Election Campaign.

Merciful father there are some Clergy men who are truly suffering and taking responsibilities of our parental burden yet these very men of God have never been Appreciated in our society even when other Men of God who have not even given us a spiritual director are also busy with the Philanthropic donations in our churches today and cared less about our Eternal Salvation.

Almighty God please tell us how we can possibly believe that you are a JUST God even when we have Continued to Serve the Penance of our so called ignorant parents yet we are still made to understand that there is another awaiting Hell fire waiting for us if we are Provoked to Anger.