ANAOCHA LOCAL GOVT. *ENDORSES* HON. FERDINAND DOZIE NWANKWO(the member representing Njikoka,Dunkofia and Anaocha federal constituency).

Across the length and breadth of lgboland,in less than two years as a federal law maker,he has shown beyond reasonable doubt,the display of High level of competence in the act of legislation which he was unanimously mandated to do so .

He made tremendous impact and contributions in numerous communities, today is auspicious event.

Town hall meeting is a moment of view exchange with the people that he represents.

Chief Anthony Enukeme(Onwu Neni), expressed optimism over Hon.Dozie Nwankwo’s contributions made so far in the house of representative during his breaking of kola nut. He believes that Hon. Dozie will return back to continue on his good work .

On His address, Hon. Ikeobi Ejiofor(Ikeoha)T.C chairman Anaocha, mastered satisfaction for the present dignitaries in Anaocha.He went ahead to applause the doggedness of Hon. Dozie Nwankwo.He emphasised numerous achievements made by Hon. Dozie Nwankwo both in humanity and the less privileged. Ndi Anaocha are solidly behind you for de second tenure..

Chief (Sir)Anthony Enukeme appreciated the effort of Hon. Dozie Nwankwo, according to him he applauded the achievements of APGA government for their transparency, accountability, and the fact that no APGA government member has been held by EFCC which has shown through stewardship. Health center in Neni is a sign of through democracy.

Ichie Odu(campaign manager Dozie Nwankwo) remains very optimistic towards the service of humanity of Hon. Dozie Nwankwo. Chief Anaegbo (Atu Agulu)commended the contributions of Dozie Nwankwo to ndi Anaocha.Hence, he needs to continue.

*HON. FERDINAND DOZIE NWANKWO* appreciated the presence of all dignitaries,political party’s, both APC, APGA, PDP, etc .His representation is for the good interest of ndi Anaocha, Njioka, Dunukofia federal constituency,he pinpointed the need and commitment needed for house member to carry along their constituency. He urged various communities to come forward with their request mostly projects meant for federal government which is his duty to make sure that federal government take action immediately.

He promised to create a new system that will accommodate ndi igwe,PG’s ,stakeholders and women leaders of different communities, mostly in passing information on job creation and public enlightenment. That his doggedness is for good interest of his constituency representation and promised to do more in his second tenure.

Hence,good governance is for all political parties,so they should work in hand to see good support of democracy.He applauded ndi Anaocha people for their good support of seeing him worthy to serve .

Engr Ezeadim(chairman of all PG’s )appreciated the efforts of Dozie and Anaocha people are willing to vote for you.

Former Commissioner for Women Affairs,Hon. Jenny Ekwuchi applauded Hon. Dozie for his numerous achievements to Anaocha local government and urged him to insite recreation center @anaocha .Squeal, Hon. Charles Okoye thanked Hon Dozie. Hopefully he will return for second tenure.