Andy Uba is a Politician who stands to support Democratic government. The marginalization of NDIGBO AND ITS POSSIBLE EFFECT in seeking KEY POLITICAL POSITIONS

When you give yourself a value by being useful to the world, your rights, happiness, respect, others comes as the reward.
Anambra political history can be described as awesome, wired and unique depending on the aspect one turn to.
Turning to Sen Andy Uba, the Senator with the most Bill sponsored in the upper chamber, he envisioned state of equitable politics.

In same line, I urge us all to envision this state as a peaceful land with diverse political ambitions, but still bound by blood to live in peace.
By this, the euphoric democracy will be the norm of the day.

Andy Uba is a Politician who stands for a Democratic state. He has served, he’s still serving and shall continue to serve in various position upholding the banner of Igbo hood in politics.

2019 is a year to look forward to with respect to the general elections, we shall witness changes in administrations and representation throughout the country.

In the national assembly, if in all fairness, equitable stand, true sense of democracy and federalist idea, an Igbo man gets the opportunity to be in the running for Senate Presidency, we can have a rethink and forget the so-called parochial and mundane Igbo politics and “favoritism” and pile all our supports behind him. He is the right man for the job