Anambra is indeed blessed!!! A flash back to the creation of the State and her governance will convince you that, we are truly, “THE LIGHT OF THE NATION!!!”

We are blessed with the best Governor in Nigeria, HE, Governor Willie Obiano(Akpokuedike Global, Oku na-enye Ife Anambra). Our Award Winning Governor stands out among others and has continuously been making us proud.

On the other hand, Her Excellency, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano(Osodieme Global, Mama CAFE) has simply been amazing!!! She has touched lives of the less privileged ; persons with disabilities, the orphans, the mentally challenged, the widows, among others. She is truly, Osodieme.
Thank God for our 21 over 21 historic victory that has guaranteed us another four years of good governance.

While Governor Obiano and the wife are giving us giant holistic developmental strides, our 7 over 7 victorious, amiable Distinguished Senator, Chief Sir Victor Umeh, OFR, Ohamadike, is making our voice heard at the Senate. Under one month, Senator Victor Umeh has sponsored a bill and seconded another. A Hero indeed!!! His ascent into the Red Chambers is worth all the challenges.

Umu Nne m, we owe them our daily prayers. Let’s continue to lift them and our State, Anambra before the Lord.

We have no other state to call our own. Let’s join hands with these great gifts from God and build a better and greater Anambra State.

In our little corners, let’s continue to contribute our quota.

Ndi Anambra, the Voters Registration is going on. Please let’s mobilize and sensitize our people on the importance of the Voters Card. It is our POWER. It is sad that those we claim to be wiser than have over taken us in the area of political awareness. Let’s educate our people in Churches, Societies, Clubs, Organizations. Village meetings, Town Meetings, Social gatherings etc. Let’s encourage our people living outside our state to come home and register. Irrespective of Party affiliation, let’s register massively first and then continue to educate them on the need for Ndi Igbo to have one voice come 2019.

Information utilized is Power!!!

Let’s not relent in mobilizing our people for the task ahead.

With proper logistics, we will surely maintain the wave of our victory and 2019 will be easy for our dear Party, APGA.

Remember, APGA BU NKE ANYI!!!