APGA is bigger than one person’s ambition and APGA respects internal democracy.


In a desperate move to stand the truth on its head and discard a gentleman agreement between Oyi and Ayamelum Federal Constituency, as regards the representation of the constituency in the National Assembly, the Director Media and Publicity of the Ekene Enefe Campaign Group, my good friend Comrade Eze Harrischuma unbelievably took to the media to malign and accuse a highly respected stalwart of our great party APGA, Hon. Uchenna OKAFOR of attempting to impose a candidate on the constituency.

Chuma went on to present a sinister and destructive allegation against this gentleman who currently hold the appointive position of Hon. Commissioner for Transport in Anambra State after serving meritoriously in several elective and appointive positions in the state; among which include Special Adviser to the Governor of Anambra State on IGR and also the immediate past Transition Chairman of Oyi LGA among others.

Hon. Uchenna Okafor is the leader of our great party in Oyi Local Government in all rights and respects because he has won and delivered severally in past elections despite all odds and challenges from very powerful members of the opposition party in his LGA.

It is a known fact that Hon. OKAFOR has used his material and financial resources to sustain APGA in Oyi LGA and has been a balanced force on all political imbroglio encountered on the road towards achieving a strongly rooted party that defeats all oppositions in past and recent elections.

It is then very unfortunate and disturbing that Comrade Chuma will brazenly take to the Media on a futile attempt to destroy a man that has built his good name and reputation over the years because of political power.

Let it be on record that if ever there is any agreement between Oyi and Ayamelum on this issue, Hon. Uchenna Okafor is the best person and an authority in his own respect to tell the world what that agreement is and who is violating it between the two LGAs.

The above statement is premised on the solid foundation of integrity and knowledge on the sharing formula of these brotherly LGAs since the creation of Ayamelum LGAs out of Oyi.

It is also pertinent to note that the real APGA stakeholders in Oyi and Ayamelum are not at a loss on what the agreement is.
This confusion and stubbornness is coming from the “new comers” and “power monger” in our constituency.

A poorly select elements of failed politicians, conspirators and blackmailers are the ones displaying their disgruntled nature in laughable manners.

A stakeholders in the constituency Chief Hon. Emeka Okoye (Ozo) clearly stated that those newcomers do not know anything about the history of APGA and are in no position to tell any one the agreements that has been sustaining the constituency since the formation of the party.

Another powerful stakeholder Chief Emeka Okafor (Ozor Chinemeze) who hails from Oyi LGA stated that Ayamelum LGA still have four year to complete its tenure and the tenure expires in 2023.

The world needs not heed to the noise and confusion coming from the Enefe camp because all the party executives from both LGAs knows and agrees that Ayamelum still has four years to spend at the National Assembly after which Oyi will the resume her turn.

These few dissents who have been sponsoring Media attacks all over the cyberspace against APGA and her renowned and credible candidates are on a desperate move to cause chaos and confusion in our great party towards the upcoming primary election in August 2018.

The general advice is that aspirants should go to the grassroots and canvass for votes from the delegates qualified to vote in the party primaries and desist from campaign of calumny and blackmails because election primaries is a field event.

On this note, I will stop here and warn the campaign team of Ekene Enefe to desist from further demonization of our great party men and candidates.

Deje ni ooo

Mike Okechukwu
Ogene Ayamelum
Akaeze Igbakwu
Writes from Agujiegbe Palace in Umueje Town,
Ayamelum LGA,
Anambra State.