Malaria is one of the highest killer diseases in African and today is set aside every year by the world health organization for it.

The Anambra state Ministry of health in collaboration with Queen Cynthia Azubuogu Foundation carried out a sensitization March in commemoration of the world’s Anti Malaria day in Anambra state

This march was led by the ever hard working Commissioner for Health Dr Joe Akabuike along the major cities of Awka. The sensitization centered on the need to live in a healthy environment as the best way to eradicate mosquitoes that is the major cause of Malaria.

Dr Akabuike advised that people should ensure they keep their environments clean and healthy always.

He further stressed the need for constant check up as test kits have been provided to all the primary health care outlets in the state to ensure that they do not have malaria parasite. He further stressed the need to avoid self treatment and always make sure they seek professional advise for treatment

The Honourable commissioner distributed thousands of free Mosquito treated nets today and advised that they be used as prevention is better than cure.

The ASATU Youth Wing was not left out in this sensitization March as they organized theirs separately from Kwata junction to Ekwueme square.

It was indeed a very competitive one for ASATU youths as winners emerged and prizes given to the first three male and female youths who got to Ekwueme square.

In an interview with ASATU Youth President Comrade Osita Kc Kingsley Ozalagba, he appreciated the members for coming out for this all Important sensitization March and assured that the message of environmental cleanliness as the major way of preventing mosquitos will not end today but he will ensure he uses the structure to further sensitive the various communities in the state