*Behold it is written in the book of Love* says Comedian -Actor Prince OGC

*Chapter 14 verse 1*
“And it shall come to pass that on Lover’s day, excuses shall arise again; my battery died, my credit got finished, my DP refused to change, my boss selected me for the trip, traffic jams etc… When thou seeth these signs, be calm, fear thou not, keep thy peace and know that verily verily… thou art not thy boo’s boo, thou art a side chick.”

*Verse 2..*
“Even when u receive gifts, calls, or were taken out, Remember my dear daughter that all will end on the bed.”

*Verse 3:*
“Behold babe, I stand at thy door of ur hostel and knock, if u hear my voice and open thy door, I will come in and eat with u, dine with u and share thy gifts I have for u.”

*Verse 4*
“Blessed is the boy that bothers not himself for any girl for peace I will grant to him.”

*Verse 5:*
“Hear ye hear ye, for girls so love money that they gave their only begotten dignity in exchange for a money, but know ye that who so ever does not make that mistake shall not have the fear of 9 months assignment.”

*Verse 6: *
Know ye not that true love need not specific date of which it should be shown?

*Verse 7:*
I tell you these things ahead so that if ye see signs ye know your stands and come out of where ye are and follow the right path