Believe; How to Groom and understand a Woman… Actress Mimimimico Say’s I concur

Grooming a woman, whether you want to marry her or not is not a difficult thing as most men think, but the problem is that most men don’t know how to handle a woman.

If you can’t groom a woman who is not your wife prior to marriage, you will have problems with making your own wife become who she ought to be, or you will feel threatened when she succeed.

Some men may be reading this and you’re like, “Who grooming epp?” Bros, grooming will help you to become a better husband. It’s not true that you need to read a voluminous book like an encyclopedia to understand a woman, a woman is as simple as an ABC to be understood.

Trust me, women may seem to be complex in their configuration, but they’re simple in handling if you dwell with them according to knowledge.

I have been in relationship with women, single and married, young and old, spiritual and unspiritual, beautiful and otherwise, highly placed and those at the lower cadre; I have come to understand that one principle key is : dwell with them according to knowledge.

Now, let’s face the business of this post.

Do you think it’s by mistake that would be husbands are called bridegroom? A man that can’t groom a woman, is that one a husband? God won’t give you a perfect wife, even she a wife material, you need one or two things to make her become perfect for you.

Below are the things you need as a man to groom a woman, whether she’s your wife, sister, fiancĂ©e or not.

1. Money

It’s not true that women love money, what’s true is that they love comfort. It’s only the greedy and materialistic ones that wouldn’t mind emptying your account so they can live.

If you can’t give, you’re not a man, but you must give sensibly because if you’re unwise, some ladies will turn you to an ATM. You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving.

The mistake a lot of men make when it comes to giving a woman is to expect her to reciprocate either through sex or “anointed cooler” (some spirikoko brothers can relate).

You don’t need to get sex from a woman because you helped her financially, understand this: whatever you sow, you will reap. If you lure her to give you sex because you gave her money, you will reap it either through unwanted pregnancy, loss of your own glory or as the consequences deem fit.

However, if the only time you give a woman money is when you have sex with her, you’re not a man but a sex trader.

If you do good to a woman or vice versa, you will reap it, either from her or elsewhere. You know why, God can’t be mocked, whatever a person sow, he will reap.

2. Patience

In my local parlance, it’s commonly said that “Suuru lafi soko obinrin”, meaning that it takes patience to be the husband of a woman.

Do you think patience as a virtue will jump at you if you pray? God might orchestrate a man or woman into your life to develop that virtue in you. If you’re not patient with another woman, you can’t be patient with your wife, except you are a deceiver.

You need patience to groom a woman because they might act funny at times, but patience will make you tolerate them.

If you’re too hard or harsh on a woman, even if she “loves” you, she won’t submit to you. You need to patiently tolerate her weakness, excess and to watch her grow or change.

You don’t treat a woman the way you treat your brother or fellow men. Women are wired to be treated tenderly and with patience.

If you groom her patiently, you will be surprised at the rate at which she will blossom like a flower, and if you treat her badly, you will only bring out the thorn or beast in her.

3. Understanding

I reiterate, women are not difficult to be understood, it’s men who lack the understanding in handling a woman. A woman is like a manual, if you don’t read it before you operate the product, you will damage it.

Understand her mood, know what she wants, know how she wants to be treated, know her temperament and the likes. You must take time to study her. If you are not patient, you won’t be able to study her.

For instance, when a woman is chatting with you in one word, which is against her usual practice, know that something is wrong. When a woman tells you “I’ll be okay”, she wants you to care for her. Don’t tell her to get drugs, she knows that already, show her affection, this is what she needs.

When you understand a woman, it’ll be easy for you to adjust while dealing with her. It becomes easy for you to understand your woman when you have groomed other women. Although they won’t be the same, but you will be able to connect one lines and dots together from your past experience with other women.

Bros, marrying a woman is not bread and butter, if you can’t groom a woman who is not your wife, I wonder what you want to do to your wife in marriage.

The only thing some men can do is knowing how to lure a woman to bed. This type of men see no other good in a woman other than for sex, make babies and then sex.

A man who lacks the capacity to groom a woman without seeing her pants is unfit to be called a husband.

What else does a man need to groom a woman that I did not highlight? Kindly share your thoughts.