Beware of Cameron pastors that perform fake miracle…. See 40 SIGNS OF A FALSE OR CORRUPT PREACHER/PASTOR.

There shall arise false Messiahs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders (Miracles); so much so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect”. Matthew 24:24

By their fruit, you shall know them. It is time to discern. Pray for Wisdom and Seek Salvation.

A predatory preacher is a man or woman who uses tradition, man-made teachings as commandments of the creator (YAHUAH), and use false teachings to manipulate and control their followers for their own selfish gain.

1. Use ‘scare’ tactics to manipulate payment of tithes and offerings, twisting the Scriptures telling their followers they are under a ‘curse’ if they do not “pay God.”

2. Insist on being called reverend, bishop, prophetess, apostle, elder, evangelist, pastor; using titles on business cards and social media exalting themselves. They lift themselves higher than everyone else. Some are now senior Pastors. Why? The spirit of vain glory. The same Spirit the Messiah rebuked among His disciples when they were busy fighting over who was greatest among them.

3. They charge registration fees for Christian conferences, events, their own birthday parties and other self-promoting events in their own honour. They charge consultation fees and even charge people to visit their homes claiming to break ancestral curses.

4. Allow provocatively dressed women to teach, usher, sing on praise teams and lead in their churches, some showcasing their wives who are also sexually provocative. They have no element of holiness in them. They abuse little boys and girls sexually and sleep with women and men in their congregations. They are sexual predators without conscience.

5. Rarely talk of salvation, repentance or hell. They make light of eternity. They confuse people with grace and tell them once saved always saved. Telling them nothing they do will make them lose their salvation. Unfortunately these people are not saved not to talked of losing their salvation. How can someone who is not born again be saved talkless of losing their salvation?

6. Allow visiting preachers(wolves in Sheep clothing) to run “money lines” claiming “God” told them certain people in the congregation have specific amounts of money to give to them for a ‘blessing’ from “God”. They milk the ignorant who seek the messiah ignorantly or are in need of healing Miracles or financial breakthrough or those who need husbands, wives or children.

7. They never give meaningful gifts or money to the entire congregation. They are takers. They spend millions in church projects but the poor die in need.

Then they claim its the church that bought private jet for them. ($24m and above not to talk of maintaining it)

Please why cant this church bring out just $1m and share those young men in the church to start businesses that will help them stand firm financially and marry all these sisters?

Is it Heaven that will marry them?
Let us stop deceiving ourselves. Its time to wake up brothers and sisters.

8. They wear long fancy robes, collars and gold chains to be recognized as “special.” They want worship and recognition. Very worldly and money conscious.

9. Request followers to get permission from them before visiting other churches, telling their followers church hopping’ is sin.

10. Scandalize people who leave their churches or refuse to submit to them.

11. They will not give any assistance to people who are not a ‘member’ of their church.

12. CONSTANTLY TEACH ON SUCCESS, MONEY AND MATERIALISM. I call them motivational speakers not Gospel witnesses.

13. Refer to themselves as “Senior Pastor,” CEO or Founder of their cults which they call their ‘church’ or ‘ministry’ often referred to as “global” or “international”.

14. Harass followers about their church attendance. Bc low attendance means low money. They dont care about souls trapped in sin and serious addiction.

15. Teach followers they have authority over the “earth” and they are ‘gods.’ Use magic and charms to hypnotise them.

16. Teach falsely, if followers “sow” their money to “God”, they will ‘reap’ money from God by giving it to ‘their’ ministries.

17. Tell you what their family needs are and ignore yours. They use smart tactics and techniques to communicate they want to change their cars.

18. Appear on Reality TV Shows and star in movies ‘acting’ like a preacher….Hmmmm?

19. Showcase less fortunate members to give testimony of what they have done for them to appear as though they are caring for their congregation. Whereas billions goes to their families and thousands are left for all the poor to scramble for.

20. Regard and expect their wife to be called “first lady,” the women call themselves “lady.” Will make you stand when they walk into a room or congregation.

21. Refer to the congregation as ‘their’ members, children and “sheep,” sons and daughters. Instead of making people know everyone is brother and sister and they are just a servant leader.

22. Claim they have an ‘anointing’ for wealth to make others rich and free from poverty.

23. Refer those in financial hardship to public agencies for financial relief, even their “tithers” and regular givers.

24. They have “armour bearers” guarding them like celebrities. One may ask, are they afraid of dying for their Master Messiah and going to heaven since they claim to love him?

25. Require your tax returns to verify your income.

26. Use racial references in their sermons, exalting their race and allow politicians in their pulpits.

27. Instruct followers to submit to ‘their’ authority and “the vision of the house.”

28. Preach with a ‘strange voice’ while musicians play emotional music to hype audience. Music induced anointing and manipulating emotional people using music.

29. Not easily accessible to their followers, denying access unless the request is from someone rich, famous or a ‘significant’ financial giver of their congregation.

30. Claim believers must have a ‘Church Home” or they’re ‘out of order’ or under a curse.

31. They’ll pass the offering plate more than once in their services, if the amount given does not meet their desire; they continue asking for more money – MONEY GRUBBERS INDEED!

32. Have a building fund for a 1,000 seat new sanctuary when they have only 10 current members.

33. They live lavishly claiming they are sent by “God”, boasting and flaunting materialism. Claiming their wealth is the reward for being man or woman of God. How many horses and carts and houses did the early apostles has?

34. They will teach falsely that when you sow your money that God will bless you 100 folds or more and tell you they did it and they are prospering and will hire fake people to testify falsely too so you will sow. Instead of telling people to pray for ideas and work hard.

35. They fly around in Private Jets and drive exotic cars and live in Million Dollar mansions and tell you that God has blessed them for being a man of “God” whereas they have enriched themselves through their tithing schemes and sowing of seeds and so many other wicked ways of stealing money of gullible members.

36. Their members whom they ripped off through tithing and sowing of seeds are incapable of sending their children to the schools built with money from their tithing and sowing of seeds. They and their children keep going round and round in poverty and financial rat race.

37. They collect money from politicians and people of questionable characters and put into their false churches or ministries.

38. They will always perform signs and wonders to convince their gullible members who think sign and wonders come only from heaven. You see them throwing people on the ground with charms and evil wicked powers. They don’t care about holiness and righteousness. It is all about Power and sign, and physical manifestations.

39. They are worshipped by their members and they have no problems with it. They love it and demand it. As they preach, their hypnotised members stand up from their seats as they approach and their members also run to their altars and drop money.

40. They sell water and other materials, stickers and their pictures to their already hypnotised members who put these in their homes, cars, places of work and all around them and claim anointing come from them.