Breaking; A 77-year-old man who is said to be the strongest man in the whole of Akwa Ibom state, men couldn’t pull him down….

He recently entertained the crowd by pulling a car with a rope round his neck.
According to a post shared on Facebook by Ibom Tourism, the man identified simply as Sampson, is Africa’s version of Superman. They also said he is so strong that even 10 men cannot bring his hand down when raised.
He is also said to have the ability to chew bottles, pull cars with his teeth, and also be unable to move when being pulled by 15 men.

Sharing the post, they wrote:
This is our own African Superman. A man that 10 men can’t bring down his hands. A man that 15 men can’t pull. A man that can pull a car with his teeth. A man that eats bottle. #Photo_speaks Details soon!”