Breaking; A music minister Of Rccg Committed suicide out of depression

A music minister Of Rccg Committed suicide On Tuesday 14th May 2019 as about 4pm IN the evening in Sunnyvale estate Abuja Because of House rent Problem.. This is coursed by Depression nothing weakens a soul than not surviving with what you have passion for.. Talent is not Honoured in Nigeria wheather religious wise or outside religion, This kind of Thing nearly happened to me When I was playing my guitar Free of Charge For My church and I even use the money I got paid when I go play in buriels and wedding and pay My Tithe inside the same church even as a Student … The Day My ancestors visited me Is the day They showed Me the Bible and they said To Me Open this Book and read it yourself, That was when I discovered that Tithe money is not church Money, And tithing is Been practiced By the Jewish Church the old Synagogue not for Christians But because it has to do with Money Christian pastors adopted it in Christianity and they are misusing it.. Now listen Tithe Money is ment to be Shared among three brethrens, The levites (Workers in God’s house), The less privileged among brethrens (Poor people) Then Priest and his House Hold. Is in the book of Exodus, why is it so? So that there will be Enough food in the house of God.. “Bring ye all your tithe and offering into my house so that there will be enough to Eat in my house ” But today Tithe is now Church Money, That’s why a Pastor becomes extremely rich because He is eating what is meant for him, His fellow servants in the vineyard (Choir, band people, Users, HouseSweppers, Security etc) , And the less privileged among brethens Alone, Today they buy Private jets, own different houses in different countries and you still call them my Daddy in the lord.. If church hits 9million naira on tithe monthly it is supposed to be Splitted into 3, The workers get theres and share it among there different departments and also pay there tithe too, the second one goes to the group of the less privileged among that church (the disabled, people who cannot help themselves) and they also pay there tithe after collecting there’s and the third one goes to the priest and his house hold And he also pays his Tithe to the church.. Why is it so? is to avoid somebody compromising his faith because he or she wants to Survive, With this plan your daily bread is assured while you are serving Your God, with this platform everybody is a servant and a servant lives a modest lifestyle because he lacks nothing but not flamboyant lifestyle they live today in the name of Servant of God.. ALOT of Ministers in the church are of Age of taking care of their Family but they always borrow money from there parents to be able to buy uniform to look good in choir and Band, While pastor take tithe, offering, Seedfaith, Firstfruit offering home and use it as it pleases him.. That is the evil am talking about in Christianity they like to copy something from the ancient world but they will useless that thing, they copied the Story of Jesus Christ from egyptian ancient book and they uselessed the story, They copied tithing from the book of Moses even when they claim Moses is of the old and they rubbished and abuse the use of Tithing, Today a worker in the church is exposed to Business, labour and other ungodly hustle to survive while he is serving a supposely rich God that has only one Rich servant #ThePastor.. So anybody serving God in Any of this modern churches that is not paid very well should be depressed because to most of those ministers, that praises they are doing is what they have passion for ,And if what you have passion to do cannot feed you it develops Depression and Self-hatred Am speaking out of Experience… #ReadandReason #Rip to the dead.. I pity Church goers