Breaking: Attention turns to Awa town in Orumba North as government suddenly suspends town union elections scheduled to hold in 96hrs.

Anambra State government just at the close of work today, wrote our PG suspending our town union elections scheduled to hold on Monday 22nd April on “security grounds”.

Questions begging for answers.
– If there is “tension” in a town as suggested by the letter, who does the government call upon to ascertain the actual situation on ground?

– As we all know, the PG remains a towns highest recognised authority by the government. Did the government reach out in any way? Or does government run a proxy town leadership?

– Is it out of place for government to dispatch a team to go on a “first hand onsight visit” to the town and submit it’s findings?

– What’s the primary intention of perpetrators of this script? What are their antecedents? Aren’t appointees supposed to brandish the government in good light by attending to government needs of his people? Is this local power play script by this trader against his people right?

For an election that has been scheduled and acknowledged by government to be cancelled so suddenly on basis of “avoiding breakdown of law and order”, what’s the intention (does it reflect interest of the people)?

Information has it that Emeka Aforka (ANHA member Elect Orumba north) and Ify Obinabo (TC chairman of Orumba North) orchestrated this script for one Ambrose Egwuonwu (a calabar based trader, indegene of Awa recently appointed SA). Siting that the most likely winner isn’t an APGA member (even though he works for the government and enjoys 90% support of Ndi Awa). This is scandalous and untrue.

In a desperate move, which wasn’t captured in the letter, the LG TC chairman has asked the serving PG to nominate two names for consideration as caretaker PG for Awa (something that has never been done in the history of town leadership).

Our towns PG, Prof Obikeze (Dean Postgraduate Studies ANSU) has since consulted with his executives and responded to this.

Power play of this nature often leave indigenes of such towns as victims. A responsive government should be seen to promote peace, unity and transparency in leadership and not otherwise.

We the good peace loving people of Awa town appeal that this decision be recosnidered with a veiw of getting back to status quo.

Best Regards
Engr Obinna Okafor

H.E Akpokuedike Aguleri (Willie Obiano)
Primus Odili
Benjamin C Obidigwe
Willie Nwokoye
Ezechukwu Manafa
Victor Oye