Breaking; Chief Sir Willie Obiano Closed Ceremony of the 12th Biennial Nigerian Police Games holding in Anambra State, speech

All is well that Ends Well
An Address Presented by the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Chief Sir Willie Obiano During the Closing Ceremony of the 12th Biennial Nigerian Police Games holding in Anambra State on March 7, 2020.

On behalf of the good people and government of Anambra State, I welcome you all to the closing ceremony of “Anambra 2020,” the 12th Biennial Nigeria Police Games.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I reflect on what has happened since we gathered here only last Saturday, I begin to realize that so much can happen in just one week. I begin to realize that we can write a sparkling new chapter of history in one week and that we can also write a whole new book of greatness in one week. Ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what Anambra 2020 has done! We have put out an amazing narrative of excellence in one week. I think the Nigeria Police deserves an applause for that.

Fellow citizens, it is a thing of pride to me that an event of this magnitude took place here for one long week without a single unpleasant incident. I have received reports from all the venues of this competition and I am happy to say that we recorded a huge success. I am happy to say that the famous Anambra Hospitality was in full bloom all through the games and that Ndi Anambra were courteous, kind and attentive to our guests. Indeed, hosting the 12th edition of the Nigeria Police Games has brought out the best in us. I think that Ndi Anambra deserve an applause here too!

I have always said that nothing else unites a people like sports. Nothing renews national unity and heals the cracks between people like sports. I have no doubt that many of the participants in these games may never have visited this state if not for Anambra 2020. I am sure that after experiencing Anambra for seven days, they have a more balanced view of the state and a richer story to tell. I hope that they will carry our success stories to their respective places and tell their families and friends that if they ever need a peace of mind, Anambra is the destination of choice.

Ndi Anambra, we have changed our story from gory to glory. We have reclaimed our pride of place among Nigeria’s forward-looking states. And we have opened our arms wide to the world. Anambra 2020 has shown that we are ready for the world. We are ready to take on big challenges. We can absorb surprises and raise our game when the need arises. We are a success story waiting to be told!

So many people who are impressed with the array of standard facilities that we built for these games have wondered what would become of them after the games. Let me assure Ndi Anambra that we shall put all the facilities to the best use. They shall serve as breeding grounds for talents and skilled sports men and women who will bring honour to us. The facilities shall not go to waste. They shall be put to active use! The Anambra State Sports Development Commission which is headed by Chief Tony Oli has assured me that the facilities shall be used to groom the sporting talents we have in abundance in Anambra State.

Now, I must address the officers and men who took active part in the just concluded games. I am aware that while the completion was a contest between different zones, there is only one Nigerian Police. So, there are no losers in the just concluded games. Everybody is a winner! I’d like to say a big “congratulations” to all contestants. Thank you for blessing us with your skills and talents!
In conclusion, I must thank the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari for making it possible for the 12th edition of the Nigeria Police Games to hold in Anambra State. Mr. President, we are grateful for your kind attention to Anambra State.

To Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu and his Team, I sincerely express my personal gratitude and the gratitude of Ndi Anambra for choosing our beloved state as host of the 2020 Biennial Games. These Games have re-enforced our self-belief and enriched our lives in Anambra State. We shall live with the memories left behind in your seven days with us.

Finally, I wish you the very best as you return to your families and loved ones. Always remember that Anambra State is happy to receive you any other time you choose to visit us again as individuals, families and groups.

I will not end this address without acknowledging the great efforts of the Local Organizing Committee who responded to the challenge of hosting the games on a rather short notice. I must thank in particualr, the Commissioner of Police, John Abang and the Chairman of Anambra State Sports Development Commission, Chief Tony Oli for doing us proud. I must also acknowledge the support of the members of the Anambra State Executive Council, the Anambra State Council of Traditional Rulers, the clergy and other stakeholders who played different roles to ensure the success of the games. Finally, I am intensely proud of Anambra-born Transport Operators like The Chisco Group, the GUO Group, Ifeanyichukwu Motors and Konti Complete Transport whose immense contributions helped us to overcome the logistic challenge of hosting a competition of this magnitude. I have no doubt that when the occasion calls for it, we shall rise to the challenge another time. I think they deserve an applause! God bless Nigeria
God bless Anambra State

Willie Obiano