Breaking; CONGRATULATIONS FC BARCELONA for again over-humiliating Sir. Alex Ferguson , Manchester United, and their Fans

Most times when i talk about this King Lionel Messi, you will always see the reason i do. When the likes of Xavi Hernandez, Andrew Inesta, Santos Neymar etal , were in Barcelona , enemies of Messi do say that Messi do perform because of them. Today, we have seen that such assertion does not hold water.

Frankly speaking from Frank, Barcelona is a Team on its own, while Lionel Messi is a Team on his own, these two come together to form a bond, so whoever that is playing each, is also playing the other.

I just wondered why Pogba whose cost of purchase can buy entire Arsenal Team (or half of it) , would be disgracing himself in the pitch playing people’s leg instead of ball.

My next wish is to play Juventus FC , so to on time, show them the exit door, and retire C. Ronaldo permanently (It is over due).