Risk of Developing Side Effects
Every one of us is unique. However, certain individual factors make some of us more likely to develop side effects than others.

The most significant of these factors is age. The very young and the very old are ALWAYS more susceptible to unwanted reactions.

Children are not small adults. The way their bodies absorb metabolize and eliminate drugs differs from adults, and this is especially true in babies. Younger children tend to absorb medicine more slowly from the stomach but have faster intramuscular (IM) absorption rates. In early life, they have a higher body water to lipid ratio and a larger liver to body weight ratio. Liver enzymes are immature as is their kidney function. In addition, the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (the layer of cells that restricts d passage of substances from the bloodstream to the brain) is higher.

Older adults typically take more medicines and studies have shown they are twice as likely to go to ED because of an adverse drug event and seven times more likely to be hospitalized. They are more likely to be on medicines with a narrow margin between being effective or toxic such as warfarin, insulin, digoxin, and anti-seizure medications. Their bodies tend to have more fat and less water which may increase the duration of effect of certain drugs. In addition, metabolism in the liver and excretion through the kidneys is typically reduced. Their brains are also more sensitive to the sedating effects of a drug, and pre-existing problems, such as dizziness, eye, and ear problems, may be exacerbated increasing the risk of falls

Chronic diseases are d major cases which causes d older individuals to consume drugs for their health management, but my advise is that NUTRITIONAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL, AND BEHAVIORAL TECHNICS is d safest major to eliminate chronic diseases… (Consume less drugs by avoiding sedentary life style and balancing ur nutrients)

Children has strong innate immune system which protects them against diseases, (babies have an in-built anti-bacterial defense mechanism that works differently to adults)
so apply more preventive majors to enable them consume less drugs…