Breaking: Finally CJN Onnoghen has resigned. As he bows out from judicial leadership position of Nigeria.

Onnoghen has resigned, Now President Buhari will experience internal peace and inner joy .
He will sleep happily tonight,
His mission has been accomplished.

For the first time in over 40 years Andrew Azazi a Christian southerner from Bayelsa state was appointed NSA ( National security adviser)
The north kicked and wailed until he was forced to resign and was immediately replaced with a northern Muslim. ( Sabo Dasuki) and that made the north happy.

Yet again, For the first time in over 40 years Azubuike Ihejirika , Abia state born southern Christian became Chief of Amy staff.
The north again kicked, quarreled why a northerner was not appointed for the position.
They wrote several petitions against him, accused him of genocide, corruption and incompetence , mounted undue pressure on then Pesident Jonathan until Ihejirika was finally forced to resign.

Same fate was melted out for justice Onneghen, He was the first southerner to have occupied the seat of Chief Justice of Nigeria in over 40 years.
His emergence as CJ N unsettled northern oligarchies hence they orchestrated his ouster.
Onneghen is out , He will likely to be replaced with a northern Muslim.
It has become sort of consensus among the northern elites never to allow a southerner occupy top position of key government offices.
And it is saddening that southerners has stupidly allow this unjust system to become a norm.