Breaking: Former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi has affirmed that how old or young one is does not matter in measuring his capacity to lead or govern….

The man who has been a governor for eight years was speaking as a guest speaker at an international conference held at the Claretian Institute Of Philosophy(CIP), Maryland, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State based on Enlightenment In Wisdom And Knowledge, held from Wednesday May 2 to Friday May 4, on the theme, Philosophy, Law And Politics.

Mr. Obi’s topic was on POLITICS, GOVERNANCE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, which he succinctly delivered to the admiration of the enlightened audience on the last day of the three-day event.

‘’Our Human Development Index is low, too low compared to the other countries within the MINT economy which the great economist by name Jim O’Neil predicted would be a world economic force by 2050. We will not be there with the rate we’re moving. Leadership is the problem we have in the country and the people are just sitting still without action. Instead they are aiding by celebrating rascality in governance. We should act, vote the right people into various arms of governance.

‘’What we read or see from the news today about our country is not pleasant. You can be part of that challenge to change leadership. The leader is a reflection of the led. Most of you here are youths…so your future is in jeopardy. You have to take back your country….participate in electing good leaders. Some of you say it should be from the youth. Good.

‘’But let me tell you – age has nothing to do with leadership. Neither has integrity or even educational qualification…none is a measure of capacity. If you don’t have the capacity, tolerance, other qualities to lead, you cannot deliver anything. The best state in America is California, recently adjudged the fifth biggest economy in the world. The governor, Jerry Brown will be 81 years old on May 7. He has the capacity and doing very well. I’m not campaigning for old people. But even if the youths will come, we have to look at them properly. The youngest governor we have in Nigeria today is widely being regarded as a calamitous disaster.

‘’The Chinese method of rating their leaders is simple – show us what you have done in the past before we entrust you with a bigger responsibility. If a man has not created anything, he cannot manage anything. Those who want to lead us today we have to see them, ask them questions – what have you done before? Show us. We can no longer allow people coming from nowhere to assume leadership…then suddenly we will go back to the same mess.

‘’You have no other country apart from this one. You must rise up to the desired change. The society we abuse today will take revenge on us tomorrow,’’ Obi ended with the usual standing ovation following his speeches anywhere across the globe.