Breaking; Happy International Youth Day Celebration…..Build the Youth build the Nation, scatter the youth scatter the Nation

Happy Sunday my fans!!
Happy International Youth Day Celebration…..
I Hon. Prince Comrade Okeke Chinemelu Godwin Esq. The Executive Chairman of Youth For Credible Democrats of Nigeria celebrate with all Nigerian youths.

My Remarks is My impacts:

The youths are agent of Positive Change.

The youths are the engine room of every society.

Build the Youth build the Nation, scatter the youth scatter the Nation.

Nigerian youths needs to work harder to develop knowledge and skills that’s is needed to enable them fit into the modern business and creative environment, computerized, and civilized world we are into now to avoid suffering and regret this can be achieve through apprenticeship, internship, skills training, empowerment and funding from both individuals and government assistance to help the Youths build some reasonable and sustainable wealth and through skills base education training.

I made this contribution at the International Youth Day Celebration as I advised the youths to get involved into sustainable development goals projects organized by the Development Centre for Orientation, Discovery & Empowerment @ Shanahan Hall, Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, ONITSHA.