Breaking; Hold Every Nigerian Responsible For Our Leadership Failure – Peter Obi.

The former governor of Anambra State has once again reiterated that Nigeria’s present woes are product of cumulative leadership failures over the years. But he added that what he termed ‘rascality in governance’ was not only the fault of the leaders but also, to a great extent, the fault of the led, the followers.

He lamented that Nigerians don’t ask questions of wrongdoings by their leaders but instead happily celebrate mediocrity and impunity in governance.

‘’Why should somebody owing workers/pensioners spend millions decorating streets for Christmas when people are hungry and nobody is questioning the rationale behind that? How can people charter flights to fly about with public funds at $15000(N5 million) when a N25,000 ticket or even N50,000(if two seats are desired) can conveniently fly such leader to his/her destination and the people that own the money keep quiet? How can people who had nothing before they went into office, suddenly make expensive purchases of cars, build expensive houses and a man of God goes there to bless him for his source of income to multiply when he knows the person stole public money? And worse, the people will be chorusing amen to such prayers instead of calling police to arrest the thief?’’ While people chuckled, he went on.

He was speaking as a guest speaker at an international conference held at the Claretian Institute Of Philosophy(CIP), Maryland, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State based on Enlightenment In Wisdom And Knowledge, held from Wednesday May 2 to Friday May 4, on the theme, Philosophy, Law And Politics.

Mr. Obi’s topic was on POLITICS, GOVERNANCE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, which he succinctly delivered on the last day of the three-day event.

The people whose money is being spent recklessly contribute immensely. They will forever call you His Excellency this, His Excellency that…and proclaim you are the best…that since you came into office everything has become perfect. Meanwhile things were getting worse! So many sycophants all over the place! Some, even people of God, will tell you, ‘since you came into office, you haven’t given me something o! And I used to ask, give you what? People’s money?

‘’They go around donating money everywhere…money they were not donating when they were not in governance. Traditional rulers award them chieftaincy titles all over the place. And people are happy, celebrating them.

‘’Why are we not asking questions? Why do we keep on celebrating rascality in governance? We can’t continue like this. There is no way we can lift our Human Development Index from it’s low level of 152 out of 185 nations to any appreciable level if we continue to celebrate those that misappropriate public money without asking them appropriate questions,’’