Politicians are born, not made. Often time, we see people coming into public life from blind sides, and sometimes they even make headlines by what they say and promise that they would do if elected into any position. People who are not duly informed, mostly people around town and village squares, get impressed and go forward to support such people. These types of self-centered glutinous politicians, who go into politics with the sole aim of personal aggrandizement, may become popular, or rather populists, but in itself, they are more like empty vessels that make the most disturbing of noises. They become representatives of the people and also become the bulwark for corruption.

In our contemporary time, with the high cost of living and the intending economic hardships majority of the Nigerian populace swim in, some people, though driven by the circumstances of the moment, consider their personal vote to a candidate as an investment for on-the-spot financial gratification or any future eventuality that may arise along the way and go to the elected politician for some form of personal favour. And this act of voting to obtain personal favour, has plunged our political system into a state where the elected officials see themselves as little gods and loot with impunity at their own convenience.
But in its actual sense, politics is a means to serve. Hence, a political career is meant for people of high integrity and with additional skills to achieve results and find better ways of making life better for the people they represent. Politics is not meant for area fathers, thugs, assassins and mauderers, criminals or inept, dubious and corrupt characters. These set of people, apart from being too avaricious, do not know the importance of education and human capacity building, and as such, can never invest properly on them.
Time and again, people see politics as “a bad game of deceit and hatred”, a do or die affair, or a ” dirty game”. But in the true sense of it, it is the politicians with limited merits and capabilities that are bad, and not politics itself. The bad politicians cannot do more than their innate moral and intellectual capacities. Winston Churchill, a two-time British Prime Minister once said, “a politician must have the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen”

Good governance, transparency and dividends of democracy, accountability and growth both in infrastructure and human capital, will elude states and nations where the self-serving politicians find themselves in the corridors of power. A true democratic government is the best concept for the growth of any nation. A good politician enriches lives and provides for many people, not make them become beggars, touts, kidnappers, robbers and fraudsters. A good politician should have a well-displined personality, and a sense of selfless services to making life better for his people. This should be reflected in the community where he lives and the constituency he represents! A good politician should be accessible to his constituents. Churchill described discipline as “the first of all human qualities, because it is the quality which gaurantees all others.
A good politician firmly believes in taking care and maintaining the constituency he represents. He believes that community service is about giving back to the society.
Hon Engr. Chris Emeka Azubogu- member representing Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency at the green chambers, is the perfect example of a good politician who put the needs of his constituents before his personal needs. For the few years he has been at the green chambers, he has been fanning the embers of youth skills acquisition and empowerment, human capacity building and infrastructural development of his constituency. He is one of the rare politicians who understand the that politics is but a means to serve.
The aim of this write-up is not to eulogise Hon Chris Azubogu, nor to shower encomiums and accolades on him for the good works he is doing in his constituency, but to make a strong case for other politicians to follow and emulate.
In the words of James Freeman Clarke- an American theologian and author-, “the difference between a politician and a statesman is that while a politician thinks about the next election, the statesman thinks about the next generation” At a time when politicians and political office seekers are running helter-skelter seeking for endorsements and wooing the political elites of the society for support, Chris Azubogu, in a bid to better the lives if his constituents is busy building roads, renovating and rehabilitating dilapidated structures in our schools, organizing free medical outreach, skill acquisition for the younger generations, and all what’s not.
Politics with principle is what Chris Azubogu represents. Hon Azubogu is a good case study when one talks about quality representation and political resilience!
Just like John Lynch said, “based on differences in our political ideologies, race or religion, we may not agree on every issue. But let us respect those differences and respect one another. Let us recognize that we do not serve an ideology or a political party, we serve the people” Hon Chris Azubogu has done well, he has served us well and he deserves our commendation. He will be remembered with nostalgic feelings and posterity will judge him rightly!