Breaking; Main Points of Fr. Achusim Teachings Today during Our Ongoing Retreat: principles of Life.

1. Ensure you are fully married before you go in to live with your husband. Traditional marriage does not suffice. Be properly married.

2. Our subconscious mind often replays during our dreams. We should discern our dreams properly, and not necessarily frightened over ill experiences.

3. If you have sex In dream, don’t necessarily be frightened. Check possible factors that could have led to it. Are you watching sexy films, magazines, etc. Don’t always attribute it to spiritual husband or wife. You can meet your spiritual director.

4. Often times, many ladies will not find their husbands where they think they are. Maintain good and cordial relationship with other people. Bear with other people, excusing their fault.

5. If you live this life with the love of Christ, you will amaze the world.

6. The atmosphere of night club are not healthy for Christian couples not to talk of youths. Leave every occasion of sin. Don’t justify it or think you are matured. Let us not live a life we will regret.

7. You have seen the world enough. Now seek the face of God. We are too old enough to die. Live a life of righteousness. You enjoy it later.

8. Save for apostolate. There are many children In remote villages In need of education, food, etc. Encourage them. Fund their education.

9. At the end of this life, what will count is how many lives you have touched rightly. You will rejoice at how you have helped others. Only those you give life is the life you have.

10. Sin does not care your condition. Even lepers in their terrible condition, still indulge in grave sin. Even someone in sick bed, indulge In serious evil. Sin don’t fear your level or condition.

11. Spend your life for others while you are healthy. No person who has spent his or her life for the salvation of souls of people ever regretted it. Live like the saints you are called to be!

12. Parents, the best thing you will do for your children is to deepen their faith in God. There is serious dichotomy between certificate and moral values. Education means coming from darkness into light.

13. Listen to your Guardian angel. Angels are always giving you counsel for righteousness. Don’t shun or ignore them.

14. Saint Maria Goretti gave her life up not to commit the sin that is holding many of us captives today.

15. Often, we employ the very gift God has given us to commit sin. Why would you use your righteous money to pay for prostitutes services? Or your intelligence to dupe govt?

16. Don’t postpone repentance for tomorrow. Do it today!

*The Retreat is educative