Breaking New: Niger state; A multi million $ sugar factory declared open by the Mr. President.

Governors in the south would be speaking grammar all over the place. This is Mokwa, Niger state. A multi million $ sugar factory declared open by the President.

New raw sugar factory constructed on a 10,000 hectres of land along the banks of River Niger in Niger state. A system of canals and dykes would provide irrigation during the dry season and flood protection during the wet season.

Same way few months ago, Olam launched the largest integrated poultry facility in Kaduna State at the capacity for 1.65 million chicks pee week, to produce 4 billion eggs, 100 million kg poultry meat yearly in addition to 180,000 metric torn of corn, 75,000 metric tons of soya beans which would be sourced locally.

Last year, the VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo commissioned Africa’s largest perboiled rice mill in Argungu, Kebbi state. The project with a 10 billion naira investment in the rice mill, will engage about 50,000 farmers in the next few years. Wacot rice mill is capable of producing 120,000 MT of paddy per anum, thereby creating about 3,500 direct and indirect jobs.

From Niger, Kebbi, Kaduna, Gombe, Kano…all over the North, the Governors are positioning their states for DFI thereby creating job opportunities and economic prosperity for their people in spite of whatever shortcomings we label them with. The question is, what are Governors in the south doing?

The other day, I saw a 5 page advertorial in two national daily NPs of Akwa Ibom state showcasing refurbished primary school buildings… (the before & after photos). I shook my head in despair. Of course, nothing is wrong in refurbishing primary school buildings but how can that be an achievement you have to showcase after 3 years in office for a state that gets the highest federal allocation every month.

Also, social media critics are so preoccupied with Buhari bashing, whereas their state governors are committing worse atrocities back home. I think down south, we are suffering from what I call superiority complex. We always snare at the north and declare, can anything good comes from them? Hmmmm… I pity you all.

Are you aware that in the last 3 years, solid minerals yields into the federation account has gone up by about 60%. Where is the proceed coming from? Of course from the North.

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