Breaking News; Governor Willie Obiano community-choose-your-project initiative; and the need for enactment of law that will establish People’s involvement in the activity.*

A wonderful initiative of the workaholic Chief executive of Anambra state -Akpokuedike to ensure equitable distribution of democratic projects in all communities of Anambra state by deliberately allowing the communities to stay together, discuss and choose projects of their choice, and obtain a token of N20million for handling it. The governor Obiano administration I believe, has completed second phase of the project and commenced the 3rd one in some places. It is a commendable initiative and requires generality of Anambrarians to strike their chest in accolade and acclaim louder na *Nke a bu nke Anyi Kpomkwem.*
It is however, sad and very painful to witness what is obtainable today and of course what is seen as abuse of right process when few persons in the form of stakeholders “consult the money and plan for their pockets” instead of consulting the people and planning for the projects.
It is unbelievable that a community will utilize a whopping sum of N20,000,000 on toilet facilities containing about 10 toilet rooms and their gadgets and proudly present account to the government for more projects. Some communities would only build open market stores that can be valued at just a million naira and “mazulua” the balance. I am not even talking about communities whose projects are in sorry state and yet to be completed. I believe the government is giving out money for the projects on instalments, and has not given for the past six months. That only can justify this ugly mess.
My questions are:
Who are the people supervising these projects?
What are the criteria for nominating who manages the contract?
How are negotiations being made as regards which projects communities desire and which ones approved?
Who and who have access to the performance chats of the projects and their financial reports?
How can people participate in this project initiative to accord justice to its nomenclature?

My Findings:
1. This projects to some extents in some communities look like financial settlements to Party Men
2. The government is reluctant in checkmating the activities of their project managers and doesn’t give the projects appropriate evaluation.
3. The initiative is sound but implementation and methodology is faulty and should be reformed in the administrative strategy.
4. Accuracy and standard should be the only yardstick in measuring performance. What is obtainable in this case is measuring performance with completion and favouritism.

1. The account informations should be made available to every interested member of each community.
2. Their should be a well established and accessible public complaint boxes in all communities and appropriate attentions be given to the complaints.
3.The government should allow people to choose their projects as well as their projects managers by simple majority.
4. The Communities to produce a Plan documentary (to contain list of their projects and their estimated costs) of their chosen projects for accurate evaluation and audit.

Finally, I say kudos to the governor for his wonderful initiative, and enjoin us all to help in the mission of actualizing the great Anambra of our dream.

Daalunu Umunnem!!!