Breaking News: Hoodlums invaded the Nigeria Senate Chamber during their sitting and made away with the symbol of Authority….unbelievable

No gentle man in Nigeria,

What is wrong with the citizen of Nigeria.

So hoodlums could audaciously invade the senate and make away with the symbol of authority without any confrontation from all those police men and civil defence in NASS this is a planned deal.

Shame of a nation! What agwan ina de Senate?

Me hear bomboclatman run things like a badman thing … Wia mi NASS symbol of authority?

This has shown that our country is not save, we really not save if this could happen my dear, the center cannot hold.

The cabals should resolve the problems before this nation become uncontrollable and collapse in their hands because of their selfish interest.

The federal government should Set up panel of inquiry to investigate the roots of the problems and intervene as well trace the sponsors of the hoodlums so as to resolve the crisis. This is a big disappointment and disgrace to the image of this nation and people living in it.