Breaking News: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE; President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the Constitution 4th Alteration Bill into Law…. This is a welcome development.

Briefing State House correspondents on Friday, the President’s Senior Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Ita Enang, said the new law grants financial autonomy and independence to Houses of Assembly and judiciary in the states.

He said: “The funds due to the judiciary are now to be paid directly to the judiciary of those states, no more through the governors.

“And the funds standing in the credit of the Houses of Assembly in the states are now to be paid directly to the Houses of Assembly of the states for the benefit of the legislators and the management of the Houses of Assembly.”

This is a freedom of legislators and judges to be independent of the influence and bad conditions of some Governors that turn them to stooges in government.

This is wonderful and great but it remaining implementation because action speaks lauder than words.

Kudos to PMB