Last week, the social media went haywire due to the video of the woman that was stripped naked, flogged mercilessly with a leather belt and a cane. She was alleged to have been caught red handed by the wife of a man on her matrimonial bed while committing adultery with her husband.


The victim was lured by Mr Ifeanyi Azotani, an alleged facebook fraudster, to his house after expressing his affection to her. He claimed to be single. The victim is a successful business woman while the man is an artisan.

On getting to the house, Tochukwu the wife of Ifeanyi and her niece, Ogochukwu Nwankwo came into the sitting room and arrested her. They accused her of sleeping with Ifeanyi but she denied the accusation. They pushed her into the toilet, seized her phone and demanded huge sum of money or they will strip her naked, film her and post it on internet. She begged them that she was not having much money in her account. They bargained it down till 60K and swung into action when she could not pay.

When they could not receive any money after 4 hours of threats, they stripped her naked. Tochuchkwu , the man’s wife started shooting the film while her neice Ogochukwu became the tormentor in chief. The man relaxed on the inside. The man is from Ifitedunu, Dunukofia Local Government Are of Anambra State but live at Amawbia-Awka in ANAMBRA State.

They are now in police custody and will be charged to court very soon for fraud, extortion, violence and cyber bullying. The suspects confessed to the crimes but denied releasing the video. They claimed it was a third party that collected the video from them on the day of the incident and released same. Anambra State Police Command has paraded three suspects in the pictures today at AWKA.

To post another person’s nude picture on the internet is a violation of the Section 24 (1) of the Cyber Crime Act, 2015, of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended. The punishment for such crime is a fine of ₦7 million and a three year jail term according to the Cyber Crime Act.

Timothy Ofoegbu as a journalist put this report together with the help of the NGO that is helping the victim to get justice and with the official press release of the Anambra police command on this matter. Thanks