Breaking News: See ₦37.9 Billion Refund To Anambra State: The True Position…. Read

The true position in respect of the purported refund of ₦37.9 billion to Anambra State by the Federal government for the guidance of the general public.

First, The Federal Government has not released any ₦37.9B to Anambra State Government.

Secondly, many States of the Federation have various Refund Claims for various projects executed on behalf of the Federal Government, particularly on roads. The Federal Government decided to use Promissory Note and Bond Issuance Programme to settle the inherited local debts and other contractual obligations that were verified.

This was sent to the Senate for Verification and Approval. The Senate set up an Ad-hoc Committee to carry out this exercise on the 9th of May, 2018.

The Committee in the same month of May, organised a Public Hearing on the subject and invited the affected states to appear before the Committee with proofs of their claims.

The Anambra State delegation was led by the Deputy Governor – Dr. Nkem Okeke, the Hon. Commissioner for Works – Engr. Marcel Ifejiofor, the Director of Works – Engr. Orjiakor and the MD, Anambra Road Maintenance Agency – Engr. Emeka Okoye.

Senator Victor Umeh’s Office at the National Assembly was used as the Secretariat by the Anambra State Delegation.

Senator Victor Umeh accompanied the delegation to the public hearing, wherein the Anambra State Delegation defended satisfactorily the claims by the Anambra State Government for the various refunds.

The claims filed by the Anambra State Government were easily verified by the Ad-Hoc Committee because the delegation came with supporting documents to prove the Debts. This is a clear reflection of Governor Willie Obiano’s sincerity and transparency in the execution of projects.

Consequently, the Senate Ad-hoc Committee affirmed and approved ₦37.9 billion as valid claim by the Anambra State Government. Of all the claims submitted by various states in Nigeria only 21 states scaled through.

On the 24th of July, 2018 the Committee presented its Report and the Senate approved it during Plenary. Total Refund approved was ₦488.7B due to 21 States out of 25 States that submitted Claims.

The Senate having approved this, the Federal Government can now go ahead with the Promissory Note and Bond Issuance Programme to raise the money to settle the Debts.

It is the news of this that has set people struggling to claim credit for what they know nothing about including thanking the President for releasing ₦37.9 Billion to Anambra State which was never done including thanking strangers for facilitating what never was.

Our hope is that the Federal Government will pay this money as quickly as possible because Governor Willie Obiano is in a hurry to execute more projects.