Breaking News: See what Ezeugo is Saying about APGA delegates in Idemili North LGA..

During the his interview with the our press media team officials he obvious explained the reasons while delegates should vote for his candidature during the party primary election.
He said to us that he has served the party and invested in the party political developments both at the Ward, local government and state level that this alone has qualified him to be given the mandate to represent Idemili North LGA, as a good servant of the party.

During the interview we found out that Idemili North LGA, should vote for him due to his tremendous educational, political, and socio- economical contributions he has made to good people of Idemili North as well his love for the progress of the our APGA Party.

We must not relent to give our unshakable support to Hon. Ugochukwu Ezeude “Ezeugo” for Anambra State House Of Assembly, Idemili North Constituency. The most APGA party loyalist aspirant among the available.
•Tested and Trusted Youth Leader
•He is youths friendly
•He always listens
•He is always available
•He picks his calls all the time
•He keeps promises
•He is humble
•He is generous and courageous
Vote for him for massive youths empowerment,employment and self reliance.

All IDEMILI North APGA party delegates vote and Let’s Support

Zoning – Eziowelle should complete their 8 years. our collective efforts and interest are protected in his hands he pleaded.

We all should stand for the truth of reality.
We all should stand with Ezeugo

*_The Right Time Is Now!_*

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