“Ogechukwu Nwankwo and the culprit thought they were above the law, knowing the case was already a high level case from the beginning .

“I decided not to push believing the police already knew what to do, but learning that there was a push for a bribe of 5m which she was willing to give out, I had to move myself to the police station all the way from Owerri, I headed to Awka.

IF YOU CAN’T LAST 2MINS OR WATERYSPERM, TRY Bitter Kola and Watermelon Seed (Every Man Needs This!) THANK ME LATER

“On getting to Awka , I went directly to the commissioner’s Lodge, there we met Ogo’s father (the Victim’s Father) and Ogo (the Victim) , so after the hearing and some statements I put in, I asked to meet the IPO in charge of the case, then I met the decent police man who was , pained by the actions of Ogo (the Culprit) .

“When I met him, he told me the whole story of how the arrest went down, how Ogo the (Culprit) went to higher authorities to give bribe but on reaching there with the already spread video, the higher authority knew this is not a case to toy with or they might be sent to an early retirement. She has committed a crime against humanity and the whole world is watching ..

“I spoke to Ogo( The Victim ) you see this girl, oh my God, People keep saying why can’t she fight back?, why did she let herself be humiliated?. What you see in that video is what she is, kind, generous, a very happy girl, I was really pained even as I am saying this I am pained, I am emotional, that’s the truth because this girl is so quiet that you can feel it immediately you are around her, and I believe that the Culprit saw these attributes and trampled on her weakness ..

“Ogo (the victim) who has a son lost her husband 2yrs ago to a car accident with his car, since then life has been hell. Sometimes in life instead of searching for assistance/help from new areas you try to check in a familiar space, a comfortable place, a place you won’t be ashamed to talk about your problems, I feel so broken, so pained.

“She said, ‘my intention was not to break any home, he has been my friend even before we got married’, she ended it with these words “ ‘It is going to get tougher now, can I live with this’? ..

“Speaking to the Ogo ( culprit ),
there was no atom of remorse in her, one minute she’s sober the other minute she’s shouting at anyone that shaded her about her personality. I told her life catches up with people.

“I told her that Sometimes you do things and you think life won’t catch up with you, it sure will, she said that all the people saying negative things about her are bluffing and are actually lying and that she’s better than them, that’s why people envy her ..

“She also said I was lying about the facts I got from Philipines/ Indian and USA. I had to call these people on the phone and put it on speaker for everyone to tell them who she really is since she said I was lying, claiming she was an A-List student in Philippines and graduated with flying colours only for me to make enquiries, Nne was expelled from the school.

“Well In Summary, there would be a court Proceedings on her case today.

“I want to thank Efficient Grace for coming around and helping me carry out some duties, thank you Ma..

“While we wait for the outcome of the case, don’t forget to stay away from the matrimonial bed/home of your fellow woman, and please men even if you hate your wife that much, can you just keep the bed holy at least for the fact that you are still married??

“ Meanwhile in other News, Ifeanyi, the man that the whole issue is revolving around is claiming that he is not legally married to her , that they are still courting “

Well that’s their business !!!


Posted by Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala