Breaking: NYSC and N30,000 new stipend for corpers.

What a brazen and gross abuse manpower? What a shameful thing! If the federal government can’t fund the over 40 years program, why not scrap it? It amounts to a blatant insult on the graduates to be given a peanut instead of properly giving them the salary of graduates in the public service which is salary Grade Level 08, step one.

Are you giving the graduates the new national minimum wage of N30,000 as if they are equivalent to Messengers and labourers on salary Grade Grade 01, step one? Are you doing the graduates a favour simply because job is scarce in the grossly managed country?

The pittance is NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE for the graduates who could be left to scout for means of livelihood after the trauma of academic rigours. If Nigeria has not been a useless enclave where the political leaders think like pigs, every community in the rural, semi-urban, and urban settlements would have gotten well constructed housing program for the NYSC to help alleviate the uncalled privations of the corpers who suffer greatly looking for accommodation when they are deployed.

After paying school fees, parents are subjected to another round of ordeal looking for a accommodation for their children and wards. Can N30,000 pay one month rent for a room, in addition to feeding, transportation to places of assignment, among other basic necessities of life? Why should the federal government exhibit such brazen insensibility and callousness on the graduates simply because Nigerian leadership has acquired the notoriety of crass impunity naively believing that hardly people know their rights to contest it in the law court.

It amounts to sadism to expose corps members to the ridicule and suffering because they are desperate for job and earning income. If the federal government can’t reasonably and adequately fund NYSC, it should either scrap it OR made optional. There are prospective members who can say. “to hell with your N30,000 stipend because they can hussle to make more than that instead of being punished by such a good national program but thrown to the dogs by bad governance in the country.

©Polycarp Onwubiko
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