Breaking: Oshiomole moves to stop Ortom defection turn to verbal war

#State of The Nation … As

#El-Rufai : Comrade , this Benue story is not good for us at all .

#Oshiomole : What story

Oshiomole : Oh that one ? Leave it to me .I am the National Chairman of this party .He will not leave .I will see him . In fact , I have appointment with him .

El-Rufai : Oh thats great . More reasons why some of us insisted that it is you or nobody .

Oshiomole , I won’t disappoint.

El-Rufai : Ok , we will talk later about that confused afro guy from my state when you are done with Ortom.

Oshiomole : That one ? Don’t worry yourself ! Let me go and meet Orton first .

Oshiomole : Gov Ortom , sorry His Excellency that I am late .

#Ortom : Is OK .

Oshiomole : I learnt that you want to leave APC ?

Ortom : Comrade Chairman , if they do you wetin they do me , you would have gone since .

Oshiomole : I understand , but it would have been better had it been that you left before I was elected the National Chairman of the party .

Ortom : How does your being elected or not relate to the issue of my leaving the party ?

Oshiomole : You won’t understand .

Ortom : Make me understand .

Oshiomole : People are beginning to say that I brought bad luck to the party . They are saying that my coming as the National Chairman is now killing the party .

Ortom : That is another issue all together different from my dilemma and that of the people of Benue state

Oshiomole : Please I want you to stay at least for me to show Mr President ( Buhari ) that I have capacity to stop defection . I will give you party structure and all that you want in the party.
I mean it , I will collect the party structure from Senator George Akume and hand it over to you .

Ortom : So it is about your selfish interest that centres on President Buhari seeing you as someone that has capacity ?

Oshiomole : Not that His Excellency ! I want to build my own trusted allies within the APC Governors Forum and I want you to be one of the few lucky ones amongst the Governors .

Ortom : It still about you . You have not touched issues of concern as relates to what we face in benue?

Oshiomole : See , the other day Ngige accused me of destroying the party I inherited and also my predecessor also accused me of the same thing . Help my office by staying please .

Ortom : My office also need help and that the solution is that I have to leave .

Oshiomole : OK ! Ortom or whatever you call yourself , if you try me eeeh , I will show you that I am Oshiomole the National Chairman of APC .

Ortom : You can’t come to my house to threaten me !

Oshiomole : You are a thief that could not do anything !

Ortom : Look at this short ugly man that is talking to me on achievement in office . What did you achieve in Edo State for 8 years after wasting over a trillion naira ?

Oshiomole : are you talking to me ?

Ortom : Who else looted his state like you did in Edo and still handed a huge debt profile that the entire State is crying about which next generation will be born to leave with if not you ?

Oshiomole : you are crossing red line and you should know that there is always a red line .

Ortom : Thank God for Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala the then Minister of Finance who at a time refused to approve your borrowing bazaar that would have turned the next four generations of Edo people into slaves to the debt .

Oshiomole : We have reported that you are behind the series of killings in Benue State which you accused the Fulani Herdsmen as carrying out.

Ortom : Am not blood dirty like you .So because I told you that you can’t stop my defection , is that why you are bringing all these accusations ?

Oshiomole : Oh yes , we will force you to submit .

Ortom : am not a baby . That I am humble should not be misinterpreted being weak .

Oshiomole : I will teach you a lesson .

Ortom : I hope it is not the same lesson you taught late Chuma Ubani of Civil Liberty Organization ( CLO ) ?

Oshiomole : What do you mean by that !?

Ortom : Stop shouting ! Why did Chuma Ubani surrender his flight ticket to you after Maiduguri protest and used your car only to die on what is suspected to be a car bomb in the name of road accident ?

Oshiomole : Stop ! Will you stop toeing that line !

Ortom : oh you think that nobody has this information ? And the fact that you practically refused to attend Chuma Ubani burial ceremony as a result of guilty conscience .

Oshiomole : It’s OK , let’s not stress this thing .
We should be talking about Benue State issue and APC .

Ortom : You started it all.

Oshiomole : You will hear from me .

Ortom : You are a disgrace to human rights community ! You used Nigerian workers to make money in the name of protests.

Oshiomole : But we have agreed to concentrate only on Benue issues.

Ortom : You and who ?
You have to tell Nigerians what you know about Chuma Ubani ‘s death . Ubani was such a passionate Nigerian that was fighting for a great Nigeria .

Oshiomole : I will impeach you and jail you !

Ortom : hahahahaha why are you always assuming what you are not ?
Are you the Benue House of Assembly or the Courts ?

Oshiomole : You will soon know who I am .
Benue people don’t have balls and they can’t stop our plans .We will start from removing you by impeachment first to send out a message .

Ortom : Your type 1000 can’t do anything to Benue people . Ask questions , our forefathers were not defeated unlike your forefathers in Edo State that collapsed like park of card in the hands of the invaders . You can’t defeat us now !

Our people will resist your dirty games !

Oshiomole : We shall see !

Ortom : Thief like you that even after looting Edo money , you still refused to see reason to marry from Edo State to help stop capital flight. You still went and imported a foreign wife !
Shame …

Please let me go and face other more importan©2018
Enugu , Nigeria .