Prostitutes in Anambra State whose colleagues have been arrested in major cities in the state, have threatened to starve policemen who are their clients of sex.

One of the prostitutes Kaamsi, who claimed to be a leader of the group in Umunze in the Orumba South Local Government Area of the state, disclosed that the decision has already been taken and they will start acting on it from Monday next week.

“These policemen constitute over 50 per cent of our customers, yet they come here at the garden to harass and intimidate us on daily basis.

“About two days ago, no fewer than 10 of our members here were arrested and taken to SARS office. They were maltreated and so dehumanised before they were granted bail and asked to pay through their noses before they regained freedom.

“This happens on daily basis here in Umunze, Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi, Ekwulobia, everywhere. So, we have decided that none of our members would ‘serve’ any policeman here in Umunze and the entire state’ she said.

On if the policemen come to them in their uniforms, Kamsi said;

“We know them; we know almost all our customers. They don’t need to come to us in their uniforms to be identified.

“Brother, let me tell you, we get information here. All big men that come here, we know them up to their family level.”

Punch further gathered that about a week ago, the Anambra Police Command raided brothels in various cities in the state and arrested no fewer than 120 persons.

It was further gathered that the police raided Morning Star Hotel, Amawbia, Awka South Council Area, arresting about 20 persons. Happiness Hotel in Amanwayi, Amawbia was also raided and about six women alleged to be prostitutes were also arrested.

A source further disclosed that the police also raided Dot4 Hotel, Mgbakwu and Bolin Hotel Nise, as well as another hotel in Ogidi, in the Idemili North Council Area, where about 60 persons were arrested. Other areas raided, were Amansea, Umunze, Onitsha and Ihiala and the arrested suspects were bailed with N10,000.