Breaking; Redefining Philanthropy in Nigeria- The capacity of Barr. Allen Onyema* *CEO Air Peace…Business mogul

Nigeria is currently going through Series of trials, but most urgent is the abject poverty facing the citizens of the country and the weak state of our social sectors both in Education, Health and Housing.

Despite these Challenges, Unfortunately, Nigeria leaders whether in the political and business Circle are living in selfish and obscenely opulent lifestyle, No wonder why Nigeria is fraught with lots of deceit, corruption, arrogance, very poor leadership, abuse of power and bad governance.
The concerns of the weak, oppressed, abandoned, disillusioned and the helpless are not in the thoughts of our leaders.

To ensure meaningful development, the Society must invest in people, leaders, ideas, structures and institutions. We must develop the sense to see to the welfare of each other, rather than destroy, constrain, betray, eliminate, undermine, Restrain each other achieving their goals.

However, for the Government, the truth remains that no matter how noble their intentions for the citizens are, they alone cannot address the challenges being faced by the less privileged in Nigeria.
As part of our social contract, individuals, most importantly, the Private Sector, Non-Governmental organizations and agencies are expected to help the government especially in the Social sectors.

In ihiala local Government Area of Anambra State and beyond, Barr. Allen Onyema against all odds have taken it as a burden in looking after the welfare of Many, his impact in lives of the communities in Ihiala Local government and beyond is like a vein of water hidden underground but quietly making the grass green.

Barr. Allen Onyema ,who sits as the Chief Executive Officer of the safest Airline in Nigeria called Air Peace has deployed and still is deploying every available resources within his reach in fighting against Social inequalities, oppression and injustice aga