As nature has made it, children are produced by a man and a woman. The man is known as a father, and the woman, a mother. The study of the social behaviours shows that the smallest unit of a society is the Mother, Father and the Children. For a community to be progressive, the trio has a role to play.

In the past, people call the Father, a breadwinner, and the mother, a home manager. But today, the roles of fathers in our society is beyond providing food for his households. It is their joint responsibility to nurture and discipline the children so that the children would become resourceful to the society. It is well known that if family heads – father and mother, play their roles well, the children would contribute towards a prospering economy.

These and many more are the reasons Senator Stella Oduah visited St. Lwanga Catholic Church, Okpoko, to celebrate fathers all over the world and also congratulate them for their great contribution in raising the future leaders of the society. Her presence was not only celebrating with the people of her constituency but appreciating the effort of the fathers.

The occasion was graced by the men’s societies in the Church who dressed beautifully in great uniforms, and a beautiful sermon was preached to encourage the fathers.

Senator Oduah appreciates the role of the fathers and she prays every day for them. She also knows if fathers are encouraged, the society would have little to worry about.