On 29th May, 2011 majority of Imolites were tuned to their radio sets, television sets and thousands of others who could afford it, had to make the trip from wherever they were to Owerri, the Imo State capital, where a new man was formally sworn in as the new governor of the Heartland of Eastern Heartland.

The excitement across the State could was palpable. People closed down beer parlours, Churches sang praises, while children played till it became too dark that they could no longer see their faces. Parents did not reprimand their child on that day, wives did not complain about their husbands keeping late nights. Everyone was too happy to complain. For most people, the freedom of the ordinary people was sworn in on the 29th of May, 2011, for others, prosperity has been uncaged. Granted, the expectations from ordinary people were too high that most people felt that it won’t be long before the people became disappointed, not because Owelle was expected to fail, but because they were almost sure that many things the people expected from the new Imo helmsman were unrealizable.

Fortunately, the new helmsman understood the high expectations of the people and also appreciated the enormity of decadence the State he took over had suffered. But he had his mind set on making things work. He was not only interested in fulfilling his promises to the people, but was keen on overshooting even his own promises to the people.

Within the past seven years, the governor has recorded many achievements in government that the people are now worried about where all the money is coming from. Unlike in the past, when people worried about what a government was doing with the mandate they gave it, the people of Imo are amazed at how much a government can do for its people within a very short period.

Every 29th of May has become a ritual for the renewal of the covenant he had with Imo people. Instead of the usual fanfares that follow Denocracy Day commemoration across Nigeria, in Imo it is a time for the people of the State to be kept abreast of what the government has been doing with the resources of the people, and every new year, the people go home satisfied with what the Owelle administration has done for them. This is not different from what is happening today, the Seventh anniversary of the Rescue Mission administration.