Breaking: Side girls are better than so many Wife.. Why Men value, love and feel satisfy with side chick than Wife… Read

Side chick will obey you, and more submissive to you because she love or want money from you, while a wife will tell you its a must that you will carry your responsibilities in house alone as well want you to respect, love, obey, and care for her and children without questioning

A side Chick is more intelligent, beautiful, caring, give you peace of mind, and even business ideas than wife that believe you have to find something doing to provide food on the table otherwise you are a lazy Man. Wife’s are disgrace to womanhood their towards their husband after married is so disgusting, irritating and devilish.

Side chicks hardly compare you with others but wife wife query you, compares you and judge you even as you Why Why. Why

A side chick will fu*k you morning, afternoon, and night everyday with different styles but a wife will give one style and sex ones in 3 or 7 days with a lot of excuses that she is tired, weak, and busy to care for the children telling you that she is suffering

A side Chick will please your mind by satisfying your emotions, feelings, mind, healthy talks, and make you feel stable but a wife will carry her family members problems and her problems pour on you expecting you to be a man full of suffering as well don’t care how you feelings emotionally.

Sides chicks expenses is less than wife expenses.

Side chicks build her shapes, Bueaty, neatness, and dress well but wife is as lazy as pigs, complain alots, and live carelessly, full of dirtiness, and fatness, and shapeless in name that after all I’m married, with children and working

Side chicks will pet you with lovely words, talk to you quietly, uses sexy words and fu*k you with descent pussy, but a wife will pour you hot water, insult you, disrespect you, question you, ignore you, neglect you and condemn you Above all give you infected dirty pussy to fu*k

Wife dey smell onions onions,,
Side chick dey smell perfume perfume
Wife no dey gree other style
Side chick go kill u with styles including scissors ND razor blade style.

Wife no dey gree give anal
Side chick d give anal
Wife central midfield Don slack
Side chick central midfield is still intact
Wife breast Don sag
Side chick breast still d firm
Wife don’t dress seductively to attract husband
Side chick dressing will call u to attention
Make I stop here b4 una go think say I have a side chick.

Wife argue too mush but side girls accept orders, instructions, and obey you even take higher risks for you to make you are happy to be with her and give her Money. But wife will even value her children more than you as well neglect you as she is married to her children to you again.

If you a wife It is better to change to be a side chicks to your husband now otherwise you will loose that marriage… In Jesus name Amen

Therefore married women, we men are disappointed in you people