Breaking: Solar Revolution: How GBURUISM plans to Light Up Enugu State, Nigeria through Alternative Solar Energy

It was November last year that the innovative and human capital developer governor of the year, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi launched the Light Up Enugu Project through the office of his SSA On Empowerment and Human Capital Development. The powerful flagoff event was held at the popular ShopRite mall Enugu. Over 1,000 persons benefitted from the first phase of Enugu State Empowerment Program on Solar Technology, especially the youth and women. A project that would create huge wealth for the youth and women.

The Empowerment SSA, Emeka Asogwa who was host of that innovative training attracted a Chinese Solar firm to help Enugu champion this project on Alternative energy, in collaboration with the Light Up Naija office in Abuja, led by Engineer Victor.

When the telecom Revolution began in Nigeria during the then President Obasanjo, many investors never believed mobile phones would later become household items as we have it today. But the then Chairman of Diamond Bank believed and was first to invest in MTN. Today, the success story is loud to even the dumb.

This is exactly what the Enugu State Governor has seen this time of the great future that lies ahead of all Nigerians with solar technology. Light is life. Power is everything. Give Nigerians steady power supply and they will transform this country without waiting for any government. And it is clear now that the solar technology has been adopted globally as the possible answer to the ever power challenge in the world today.

The Solar farms now built all over the world to generate power for consumption and industry. We now now have Solar fans, Solar AC, Solar batteries, Solar Cars, solar this, solar that. Of course, Solar money would naturally follow as Enugu leads in this new technology.

Enugu Youth Development Center is about to launch a Solar-based Empowerment platform that will promote three major areas of Solar entrepreneurship. They are:

1. Solar Business/Distribution

2. Solar Engineering/Installation/Repair

3. Solar Networking/Digital Marketing

The above areas of Solar enterpreneurship are the beautiful outcome of the investment Governor Ugwuanyi is making in youth and women entrepreneurship in Enugu State through the gburuism Empowerment programs. Just like when gburuism began to train Enugu young entrepreneurs on Telecom technology, which has amazingly attracted hundreds of millions to the private sector economy of Enugu State, with over 10,000 people financially benefiting in the state.

The Solar technology is next. Governor Ugwuanyi is seeing the solar future of Nigeria, hence preparing Enugu ahead to fully participate or even lead in that huge future economy that will be solar-driven.

In few hours from now, the new Solar App/website ( beautifully developed by the team of programmers at the Enugu Youth Development Center would begin full operations in the digital marketing of the gburuism Solar Pack, which would focus on those key 3 areas of Solar distribution, Solar installation and Solar Networking.

Soonest, the Solar tricycles and Solar cars will occupy the roads of Enugu State as Gburuism leads in Alternative Solar Energy in South East Nigeria. Every home will now enjoy steady light without EEDC/NEPA cum generators. And soon, Enugu will launch Empowerment Fund to support first batch of youth and women trained in solar distribution, installation and Networking.

This Enugu State Empowerment Program (aka GBURUISM) is powered by the Office of the SSA to Enugu Governor On Empowerment & Human Capital Development.

(The Solar unveiling website is