1)she owns her own private ATM
2) she has her own poet
3) she can never be arrested
4) she can drive without license
5) she doesn’t need a passport to travel anywhere.
6)she celebrates her birthday twice yearly
7) she’s exempted from paying tax.
8) she owns all the dolphins in the UK
9) She has her own special money she gifts to the poor
10)her beautician makes a unique kind of cream for her which can not be made for anyone else.
11)she is the head of church of England
12) she is also the queen of Australia, Bahamas, Barbados and Canada.
13)Queen Elizabeth II holds title to roughly 6.6 billion acres of land throughout the world. For reference, that’s about one-sixth of the land on the entire planet.
14) she owns a BAT COLONY
15) she owns all the SWANS ON THE RIVER THAMES
16)she owns half of the United kingdoms SHORELINE
17) she owns the tower of London
18) she has the largest collection of jewelries, including, A TIARA COVERED IN 1333 DIAMONDS.
19)she owns six Royal residencies,
One thing the royal family is not lacking in is places to call home.
Buckingham Palace—and its 775 rooms—is the Queen’s main abode, her portfolio of lavish properties also includes Windsor Castle (the world’s largest occupied castle); Holyrood Palace, a 12th-century monastery-turned-royal palace in Edinburgh, Scotland; and Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, which sits on 100 acres. The Sandringham Estate, where the royal family spends Christmas, and Balmoral Castle, her favorite summer estate, are two of the Queen’s personal possessions (she inherited them from her father).