Chief Hon Patrick Estate Onyedum hails from Ichida town in Anaocha local government area of Anambra State.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in law , (LLB).

Chief Hon. Patrick Estate Onyedum was officially appointed as the new Anaocha local government transition chairman by His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano (Executive Governor of Anambra State) on the 27th June 2019.

Today,marks his *100 days* in office and stewardship to the people of Anaocha.

His commitiment to serve Ndi Anaocha has transformed all the sectors of Anaocha local Government .

His educational background has gained him a lot of experience both in public service and business sphere.this has equipped him to deliver effective governance to the good people of Anaocha .

The value of leadership anchors on selfless commitment to the interest of the masses. His zeal and devotion is to create enabling environment for ndi Anaocha to benefit.



1 Construction of Bus culvert at mgbuwa village, ichida

2 Repair of Borehole at Anaocha secretariat

3 Construction of Culvert ifite Aguluzigbo.

4 Renovation of security post at the secretariat.

5 Renovation/Repainting of Bus – stand / Entrance of local Gov’t secretariat

6 Reconstruction of Anaocha billboard

7 Construction of Culvert at Obe village in Adazi Enu

8 Re-fencing of collapsed fence at Anaocha secretariat.

9 Construction of drainage at Anaocha Secretariat.

10 Reconstruction of staff / visitor’s toilets in the secretariat

11 Reroofing of Admin block at ojiakor memorial grammar school, Adazi ani

12.Reconnected of water at all the administrative offices at Secretariat .


1.Creation of primary heath post at Amoji village ,Agulu .

2.Creation of primary health center at Ifite village ,Agulu .

3.Repair of tricycle Ambulance at health centres .

4.flag off of Meningitis Vaccine at Ichida ,Agulu and at Anaocha Local Government Secretariat .

4.Repair of two Sanitation buses for effective clearances of entire Anaocha Local Government.


1.Distribution of Exercise books to Anaocha Students.

2.Free summer lessons to Anaocha students during the Holidays.

3.Creation of *EZIKE-IFEADIGO* scholarship foundation for the students of Ndi Anaocha .


1. Beautification of Anaocha Local Government Secretariat .

2. Sponsored Anaocha Women farmers for 2019 farming season

3.Sponsored Anaocha women in Agriculture ,which they emerged overall winner of all Anambra women Submit 2019 Conference.

4.Plantain plantation and maize farming at Anaocha Local Government Secretariat.


He created **IFEADIGO UNITY CUP* for all the secondary schools in Anaocha .


1.Constructing of Culvert at umuabu village ,Adazi Enu .

2.Constructing of Culvert at Amoji village ,Agulu .

3.Constructing of Culvert at Ndiani ,Aguluzigbo.

4.Constructing of Culvert at Mgbuwa Ichida.

5.Poultry in Anaocha secretariat .

6.Establishing of piggery . farming project at Anaocha Local Government.

Human behavior flows from three main sources; desire, emotion, and knowledge, Plato. He has demonstrated passion for quality leadership and active governance in Anaocha .

Chief Hon Patrick Estate Onyedum resumed the office and saw the need of equity and fairness .His administration created community involvement in his governance .He employed about numerous casual workers and all the communities in Anaocha was fully represented .

His leadership style as declared is total involvement of ndi Anaocha. For good rapport and understanding to the wants of ndi Anaocha.

To this, Ndi Anaocha entrusted him with the office of local government chairman on 27th June, 2019. His administration
has opened door policy for the interest of ndi Anaocha.

Chief Hon. Patrick.E Onyedum, possess unique qualities ; leadership per excellence.
✅Honestly and integrity
✅ inspires others
✅ People oriented
✅Commitment and passion towards humanity
✅Decision making capabilities
✅lover of games and youth friendly.

Karl Marx a philosopher, states that the essence of social life is work by which man produces material things necessary for the people he represents.

According to Thomas Hobbes a political philosopher, political interests should base on the masses and their needs.

The measure of a man is what he does with power. – Plato.

*Congratulations* _Chief Hon Patrick Estate Onyedum._

*”Ndi Anaocha behold a man who is ready and competent to serve*”

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