Breaking: The Hon. Commissioner, Uche Okafor reiterated the Governor’s resolve to end impunity and disorderliness in keke operation all over the state.

With the prevailing impunity and violence in keke sector of the transport industry, the Hon commissioner of Transport,Hon Uche Okafor convened a meeting today,24.04.19 at the conference hall of SSG.
In attendance was the honorable member representing Awka North constituency and member of Transport subcommittee in the state house of assembly, Hon Boniface Okonkwo.
The commissioner, Uche Okafor reiterated the Governor’s resolve to end impunity and disorderliness in keke operation all over the state.

The keke union leaders and executives and operators all over the state were present as the commissioner announced in clear terms that all levies and tolls collected from operators in time past remain cancelled and that any collector caught in the act ,will be treated like an armed robber.
He explained that His Excellency was concerned and very annoyed with the extortion and the burden of payment heaped on the defenceless operators hence the suspension of all levies and tickets.
This announcement was welcomed with shouts of joy and praises for His Excellency.
Reports was also raised from the floor that police were part of this extortion as most operators are without valid riding licences making them easy preys for the police.
The commissioner told the audience that His Excellency has not only suspended the keke IGR collection but has dissolved the Union executives,as they are greatly part of the problems bedevilling the the sector.
The unit chairmen were sternly warned over any act that is capable of breaching public peace.
Complaints from the operators over extortion from town youths was frowned at by the commissioner, promising a more stringent measures especially the awka youths which the operators reported were still neck deep in illegal IGR collection with threats of maiming or killing any operator that dares to resist or report them.
The commissioner promised biometric capturing of all keke riders in the state with identification numbers .
He also promised that the state vehicle inspection officers (VIO)will soon commence the issuance of riders permit which invariably will boost the state’s IGR.
He promised the operators of government’s commitment towards the welfare of both riders and passengers.
In his closing remarks,he maintained that the old regime of intimidation by revenue collectors will be replaced by a sophisticated method,globally accepted.
Praising the Governor’s pro activeness and humane nature,the commissioner was quick to remind the people that the Governor was more concerned with the people’s wellness than accruing revenue at all cost,which everyone concurred with thunderous claps and ovation to our amiable, working and caring Governor.