Much has been said about leaders and leadership world over, it is crystal clear that the best leaders who may have made serious marks on governance and history are those who through their government policies and programmes did all within their powers to touch the lives of their subjects and also made contributive progress and development in infrastructural strides, thus alleviating suffering, hardship, poverty, death among many, from their communities or nations. It is a truism, that leaders who lorded it over their subjects are oftentimes thrown into the dustbin of history and some of them continue to suffer from the stigma of their atrocities till they kick the bucket. Very often, such leaders are perennially being subjected to mental torture by nature, shame and dishonor; people avoid being associated with them and no one who has any political interest at hand even either in style or via participation would drag a foot to the ideology of such disgruntled elements. This part of study we can leave for a later day.

I would rather now say that our God-sent, His Excellency, Chief Dr Willie Maduabuchi Obiano (Akpokuedike Global) appeared to have studied the background presented above and long decided to toe the path of honour. He chose good name to wealth, positive strides to ill-gotten wealth, standing shoulders high with his head and mind fully focused, and with a sincere wish to ameliorate the sufferings of the people he was elected to serve. Like every good leader, he faced difficulties and challenges, obstacles and hardships, name callings of all kinds, et cetera. In all these he was firm and kept the spirit of good sportsman, with total commitment to serve and to deliver the dividends of democratic principles and effects to his people. This decision eventually paid off, and he neatly got the 212/1 support of his people when he sought for a second term. This victory is considered to be intimidating and guide embracing, to all those who contested in that election; as no such victory has been recorded in the annals of Nigerian elections and history.

Anambrarians have long given clues on some of the reasons for Akpokuedike’s fame in Anambra State today. They (Ndi Anambra) clearly maintained that the security challenges which characterized the decades of the past years in the State, are completely kept on check, as they go about their duties now without being molested or harassed by hoodlums whose aim is to kill and to obtain by force. Thus kidnapping, ritual killings, robbery, clashes emanating from terrorism and herdsmen activities are reduced to the barest minimum or in some cases, were completely erased or not in existence. Further, it is clear that Anambra State is today celebrating good governance in the state for numerous reasons. The state’s labour force, for instance did not mince words in expressing this as they gather to mark this year’s Workers’ Day. Thus, the amiable, indefatigable, hardworking, labour-friendly, gender-friendly and youth-friendly Executive Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Gov Willie M Obiano was highly commended for bettering the lives of Ndi Anambra within these years of his stewardship in the State, through his laudable policies and programmes. He was commended for the prompt payment of workers’ salaries, where his counterparts in other states of the federation collected Bailout funds, Paris funds et cetera and still owe their workers till date. In fact, the industrial harmony in the state cannot be overemphasis. No other government has maintained continued sustenance of the workers salaries in the States of the Nigerian nation like Akpokuedike in Anambra. Even if the money was packed from the time of creation, any self centered fellow or leader can as well embezzle it.

We still congratulate and commend our Governor “for taming” ALL ANIMALS in the State – crocodiles, elephants, snakes, monkeys, pythons, cobra, name them – such that, non ever grown so wild as to swallow money from any of our government’s offices and parastatals, as has been recorded in the immediate past in some quarters within the polity.

Akpokuedike has silenced some chattering mouths by his gigantic projects in the State, especially in this second coming. We could see a resolve to be good and a firm determination to do greatly, a willingness to make positive mark on history from this gentleman, Gov Willie M Obiano. Thus, he has completed a great number of the roads he inherited from the previous administration of Gov Peter Obi, he has also done greatly on the roads he flagged off on coming to power and today, in his 2nd term, the ever dedicated and result-oriented Governor has awarded more roads than he did in his first tenure. These roads are receiving attention without distraction as work continues there as expected. There is no senatorial zone in Anambra State today that cannot point/sight some of these roads, bridges or projects on their own soil. Any claimer to the contrary is invited herein to state the contrary view clearly. For me then, I must observe that the person who managed the state resources to finish given projects, is to some extent, as important as the person who flagged them off. In due course, I shall present pictures of some of these projects under discussion.

Odogwu Omambala, Ebubedike Aguleri, Akpokuedike Global has proved himself a great leader through his administrative strides, and by so doing, endeared himself to Anambrarians and their friends. By running an inclusive administration, and for developing a listening ear, he is directly carrying us all along. For us then, it is OCHIRIMMA, CHIRIGABA, 21/21.
(to be continued).