‎The Court of appeal sitting in Enugu today extensively sat for 7 hours 37 minutes over the appeals between The National Chairman of APGA ‎Dr Victor Ike Oye, Inspector General of Police, INEC against Comr Mike Alioke. Wole Olanipekun, Patrick Ikwueto , Emeka Etiaba ‎& Onyechi Ikpazu all SANs appeared for Dr Oye , O J Nnadi appeared for Inspector General of Police, Ugwuoke ESQ for INEC while Tochukwu Maduka appeared for APGA & Comr Alioke was compelled by the appellate court to represent him self having mischievously failed to appear before the court with a lawyer but chose to come to the court to ask for more 10 days to enable him hire a lawyer .

The panel commenced it’s sitting with the hearing of the application for leave of appeal by Oye, ‎lead counsel for Oye ,Wole Olanipekun who held the court hostage with relevant rules & points of law / supreme court authorities on why the appellate court has to continue with the hearing of the application for leave of the court & hearing other appeals despite the absence of a lawyer for the first defendant, the court after hearing Comr Alioke & Barr Tochukwu Maduka whom the panel warned to be careful to avoid being hit by the bad wind currently sanitising the legal profession went on recess ,resumed one hour later & gave the first 4 rulings as follows :
Ruling Number 1 – That ‎the first defendant who is Comr Alioke has been duly served as ordered by the court.
Ruling Number 2 – That the application for leave of appeal is here by granted to Dr Victor Ike ‎Oye.
Ruling Number 3 – That the application for the compilation & transfer of court proceedings is here by granted.
Ruling Number 4 – That the court orders for accelerated hearing & grants the request to sit while on vacation with the setting up of a special panel for that purpose by the President of the court of appeal ‎.

With the leave for appeal inter alia granted to Dr Victor Ike Oye ‎,the court now heard an application for joinder by Jerry Obasi, Chuks Nwoga & other expelled former members of NWC of APGA , lead Counsel to the appellant Wole Olanipekun ‎opposed the application along side O J Nnadi of NPF & Ugwuoke ESQ of INEC ,‎ Wole who was visibly angry while defending his profession in his words over a frivolous/useless application brought by the expelled NWC members to be joined in the appeal as co defendants, lampooned counsel to the expelled members A S Enyi ESQ for filling a frivolous application riddled with grammatical errors & legal blunders . ‎
After a deliberate effort by the panel to disgrace A S Enyi ESQ for having the guts to appear before the court with a deceptive application for joinder ‎that does not have any bases in law, the panel warned Enyi to be careful over his unacceptable activities within the court&his attempt to harass the Learned Silk Wole Olanipekun who had before then cautioned him to be careful, this led to the Learned Silk Wole Olanipekun apologising by genuflecting to A S Enyi if he had offended him by the caution he gave him as a colleague, the panel commended Wole Olanipekun for his humility & urged new wigs to emulate the humility of the Eminent Learned Silk.
The panel there after gave it’s 5th ruling by striking out the application for joinder by the expelled former members of NWC of APGA led by Jerry Obasi for lacking merit.

At this stage the panel after listening to the various counsel on the substantive appeals by NPF represented by O J Nnadi & Ugwuoke ESQ for INEC along side Wole Olanipekun for Oye made its final ruling that the appellants is giving 7 days to file their written addresses & the respondent giving another 7 days to file his response totaling 14days from today & adjourned sine dine pending when the president of court of appeal sets up a vacation panel to hear these appeals & others after he must have received an application to that effect from the learned silk.