Breaking; The Renaissance of the Igbo Race- a new Role for Ohaneze Ndi Igbo….

OHANEZE NDI IGBO is the apex socio-cultural organization of the Igbo Nation, and in a matter of days, her Youth Wing will hold a National Election to elect a new Youth Leader.

Whoever emerges would have saddled himself with the ausipicious responsibility of protecting, projecting, advocating for and directing the Igbo-Youth interest. As such, mediocrity must be far far away from the proceedings of the upcoming election of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Youth Wing.

However, the Igbo Nation must begin to take cognizance of the fact that in Nigeria today, yarnings and aspirations of a people are met, when they speak under the umbrella of their peculiar tribal and parochial inclinations.

Little wonder, Arewa Youths could make a proclamation and the entire country will shiver, beyond arewa it has happened in the Niger-Delta…the militants with their regional sentiments has gotten alot of attention in the past 15years.

As far as I know, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Youth Wing has never been a vocal, vibrant and popular arm of the Ohaneze, most youth of Igbo extraction are not quite aware of the activities of Ohaneze Youth Wing as much as they know of Arewa Youths, Militants or even OPC Youths. The reason may not be far-fetched, the former has been redundant if not invisible.

However, the foregoing is not the making of the youth wing alone, as the Ohaneze in her entirety has been inconsistent with their programs, principles and aspirations. So it is quite very difficult for an average Igbo man to say what Ohaneze stands for, speaks for, or “fight” for.

So the restructuring of Ohaneze should take place and it must begin with the reaccessment of the aims and objectives of Ohaneze, and the renegotiation of the values of Ohaneze so at any point in time, every Igbo-man would know and be assured in that knowledge, that their is a body looking out for his well-being.

Regardless of the leadership instability that has bedevilled Ohaneze over the years which of course is a major minus to its credibility, LEADERSHIP is one factor Ohaneze must look deeply into. The horserider determines the direction of the horse. So if we elect people of poor judgement, gluttony, self-centredness and fear; Ohaneze will continue to suffer.

That’s how very important leadership must be taken in Ohaneze. For instance, I have never been atuned with Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, never! I was not interested not until the emergence of John Nnia Nwodo, a fine gentleman that caught my fancy and reignited my passion for Igbo course.

Nnia Nwodo’s leadership endeared me to Ohaneze and I believe also endeared many. He gave Ohaneze a face-lift that made me believe that Ndi Igbo can get it right through unity and proper negotiation. That is the function of LEADERSHIP!

Leadership is an aspect that cannot be over-empazised, that is why I am calling on our people, the delegates to the Ohaneze Youth election, to ensure that they do not betray the Igbo Youth at this time we have a chance to get it right.

For me, I solidly support Hon. Tony Uche-Ezekwelu, for Ohaneze Youth Wing President.

I support him because over time, I have discussed with him, we share the same opinion on matters that affect Ndi Igbo Youth, he’s pragmatic, vocal and will do well in negotiating for the Igbo-Youth.

Tony, if you emerge finally, know it that you have a duty and you mustn’t fail ndi Igbo.

Good luck, as you pick your nomination form today.