The Nigerian media both print and electronic has been recently awash by claims and counter claims on the reported good governance award received by President Buhari from the family of the late Afro-American legendary activist Martin Luther King.
While the Presidential villa through the senior special adviser to the president on diaspora is celebrating the award as a big endorsement of the present administration’s achievement, it was later reported that the award is nothing but a scam by the handlers of the president and some greedy relatives of the late legend. The MLK center in New York city is said to have denied awarding anything to the president, while on the other hand presidency sources are reemphasizing that the award is genuine but coming from the family of MLK not of MLK center.

Whichever is the difference between the Martin Luther King family and his center, as well as any foreign endorsement being true or otherwise, should not matter to Nigerians under the prevailing social and economic challenges facing the country.
Leaders and politicians should be more concern with Nigerians endorsement of their government policies and drives within the principles of social contract between the government and the govern.
Nigerians and their leaders should begin to discard the colonial mentality and attitude of seeking foreign endorsement and approval while our compatriots are bereaving under those policy drives.
Nigeria and Nigerians as independent nation and people has its aspirations and standards and only the people can endorse any successes or declare failure of governance. It is people’s opinion.