1. Most girls called CHISOM are always good in the kitchen, perfect example of wife material and can tolerate a lot of things.

2. Most girls called CHIDERA always like men, pretend a lot and their Shakara no be here. ..and fall for fake boys

3. Most girls called CHIKAODILI are always shy, pretty but too stubborn…..players

4. Most girls called CHINENYE are always tall, so focused, hardworking but always love to be in command.

5. Most girls called IFUNANYA are always fair, intelligent but too strict.

6. Most girls called IFEYINWA are always dark in completion, pretends to be good but they are not always what they portray to be.

7. Most girls called IFEOMA are vibrant and hardworking. Very intelligent, emotional and sensitive. They too like to be cared and pampered on. They love cooking but hardly eat food but snacks and ice cream.
They make good wife material and always pretty.

8. Most girls called AMARA are always HUMBLE, PRAYERFUL . Most of them don’t depend on people. – They are always independent . vibrant,educative, pretty, God fearing and have the Spirit of Leadership and don’t tolerate shit.But the only problem they have is they can bit for the whole world while fighting 😆and they are calm in nature.

9. Most girls called CHIAMAKA are talkative, set their standard too high but always good in helping people….they look for trouble but at d end they ain’t strong

10. Most girls called KOSISO hates being intimidated, they thinks they always the best and are always cunny. …with big head

11. Most girls called OGECHI are runs girls but once they settle down, they tends to make good wife Material.

12. Most girls called CHIMUANYA are always dependent on people for money, have calm nature… Some likes trouble too much.

13. Most girls called UCHECHUKWU are always short but too intelligent.

14. Most girls called ADA are always church goers but promiscuous … always friendly, care for their fellow woman but easily get upset and they also use to be great…

15. Most girls called CHINONYE are always vibrant, educative, pretty, , gentle, God fearing and has the spirit of leadership.

16. Most girls called KELECHI are always shy, blunt in nature, but make friends easily.

17. Most girls called UKAMAKA like money too Much, always strong and can never be intimidated….and too dy borrow borrow

18. Most girls called EBERE are always quiet people with no trouble…

19. Most girls called EBUBE are always fighters, but trustworthy.

20. Most girls called ONYINYE likes to show off too much.

21. Most girls called CHEKWUBE are always blunt in nature, a little shy but always determined, have human sympathy and can make friends easily.

22. Most girls called CHIOMA are always beautiful, intelligent, stubborn, don’t tolerate any shit, but disappointment is their second name

23. Most girls called MMESOMA are always smart, joke with lies, loving to the core, but once heart broken, becomes a cheat…Always fat

24. Most girls called CHIDIMMA are always God’s fearing, they don’t cheat in a relationship, always stay faithful in a relationship…atimes dy re bin drawn by the worldly tins

25. Most girls called CHINONSO like church things but are chameleon, and too stubborn.

26. Most girls called called OGOCHUKWU. are not always what they seems to be, always pretending to be nice but are the worst when you come close to them. ..but once dy like u….dy mean it

27. Most girls called CHIZOBA are always calm in nature,ugly but like sex too much and can make a good wife . …

28. Most girls called UZOMA are not always beautiful but are always too friendly and can make a good home.

29. Most girls called CHINYERE are always short, smile too much and be fake sometimes Etc

30. Most girls called IJEOMA like anything in wallet, like food over everything, very stubborn set of being but good counselor

31. Most girls called NKIRU are always focus, can make a good home, dream high ready to help but hot temperd, most of them don’t depends on people but their strict has no part 2

32. Most igbo girls called IFECHUKWU too like money, their is no management in their dictionary, majority of them are tall, they can smile eeh

33. Most girls called IHUOMA Hmmmmmmmm very lovely and inspiring.
Good initiators, social and intelligent.
They are always beautiful with good mind set….ready to help at all time. The can jealous for Africa ooo! Their temper when hurt can cook yam. Be careful not to hurt them and enjoy a good home.

34. Most girls called OLUCHI dy are too fake… Fake ass..fake booby… Fake life and fall for any man but are humble souls

35. Most girls called UJUNWA Hmmm they are hard working…. Wife material …. Some have yam legs.. And dy can have loud voice but easy to make friends.

36.most girls named CHIMAMANDA very pretty… Talkatives… tall nd can do shakara eh…dy always report people to their moms😂

37. Most girls named OGADI are very tricky they quickly get angry but once they love you, you are loved

38. Most girls named ONOME are very beautiful, soft skin, tall, a good cook, wife material but cheat

39. Most girls called NDIDI are just perfect, beauty is their second name…

Which category did u fell in?
Guys wetin be ur babe name?