At the occasion of the Children’s International Day Celebration, the esteemed honourable member representing the good People of Anaocha 1 Constituency at the State House of Assembly, HON. SIR C. A. OKOYE (ODENIGBO ANAOCHA) has charged the Parents, Guidance, Teachers, Cooporate Affairs, Individuals, and Government to protect the Children’s Act and invest largely on the Children.
According to the UN, Children’s Day is a day of the year to commemorate our most valuable resource, our Children and ensure that they are given the tools they need not only to survive but also to thrive in the Society.
Many of our Children are trafficked and sexually abused, most especially the girls. Government at all levels should ensure that the rights of Nigerian Children are protected, reserved, and respected, so as to raise stable gladiators that will patriotically pilot the affairs of our State and deliver qualitative governance. The Children must be seen and heard anytime, while the right to health and education of Nigerian Children should be ensured. The states that are yet to domestic the Child Right Act should do so forthwith.

The rampaging Kidnapping, cultism, banditry, and other sort of immoralities, which have adversely affected the wellbeing of children in the affected parts of the Country, should be holistically addressed by Government.

Moreover, while reminiscing on several positive measures that has been taken by our workaholic Governor, CHIEF DR. WILLIE OBIANO (AKPOKUEDIKE GLOBAL), in delivering quality education, providing healthcare schemes, and succours to our children, Odenigbo Anaocha assures his Constituents of better day ahead, for greater tomorrow. Odenigbo Anaocha further added that although he has committed enormous resources to the care of children in the Constituency, declared his readiness to do even more for them as they need to be well equipped and their future secured since they are the future of the State and leaders of tomorrow.

As Nigerian Children celebrate the occasion, Odenigbo urged parents to adequately train their children and give them the necessary tools to survive and thrive, adding that teachers should serve as role models to the children and nurture them to be good and patriotic citizens, calling on all tiers of government to use the occasion of this year’s Children’s Day Celebration to reflect on the lives of Nigerian children and initiate programmes that will enhance their wellbeing.

Government must ensure that every Nigerian child has basic education. Without doubt, education remains the best gift the government can give to Nigerian children.

ODENIGBO ANAOCHA wishes Anaocha children and others a HAPPY CELEBRATION.