Child’s training and development is very important. Meet the 10-year old Nigerian talented twins, making news in the UK. Intelligence and brilliance is Divine Gifts.

Richard Brandson once said that Miracle comes in pairs. To the parents of Hills and Wills Nwokedi, it was a miracle of giving birth to identical twins 10 years ago.

Meet the authors of Dominik’s Diaries (Grandma: Desperate Measures), a book stylishly written by Nigerian born twins, Hills and Wills Nwokedi in order to inspire the children. It is a book of a young boy who thought spending summer holiday at Grandma’s place was a horrific and boring experience, only to discover that the grandma was full of fun and stylishly protective and he changed his views.

Dominik’s Diaries will also encourage the children to discover their writing talents at early stage. It is recommendable for libraries, primary schools and other reading centers to acquire such an educative book.

Hills and Wills were born in Nigeria and brought to UK at their infant age of 2. They are currently in Primary year 6 and have great passion for writing and reading with a desire to become authors. They also have a book club for Children to join and freely interact with each other and exchange stories.

The talented boys are also students of green belt karate, Bushido Shotokan Karate Club Dojo. They also belong to the Anfield community band and Let’s Play Group Notre dame College in Liverpool were they play Clarinet. They also play for their school’s football team and league and also members of the altar boys in their Church.